Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Our Chaotic Week!

So, yeah.  Our week was a little over-the-top last week!

On Monday, we had our second football game to cheer for, but our FIRST game to cheer for during the week.  Trust me.  There is a BIG difference!  I am SO thankful that our cheer sponsor is only making us cheer at HOME games.  Our poor boys have a game every single week, which makes me oh-so thankful that Alise is not a boy!  So our first home game got rained out and we were forced to cheer on a Saturday morning a few weeks ago.  It was good for our schedule (and Alise's migraines), but oh-so hot!  And it was hot last week, too! I worried all day that Alise would have a migraine, but she didn't.  We parents are starting our school tradition of taking pictures after a game a little early.  All the other game pictures are on my big camera but I happen to have this one because I sent it to B's mom.  Here is Alise and her sweet friend.  They have been friends since kindergarten.
B was born very, very early so when I see him on the field playing football with the rest of his friends and team, it makes me think of how awesome our God is!  Funny story: as B was walking off the field, his mom was saying, "Hurry up, B!  We want a picture!"  Alise walked out to him and he looked up at his football coach that was walking beside him and grinned really big.  His Coach said, "Don't smile at me, son.  Smile at her!" and he pointed to Alise.  I wanted to cry.  That is all.

On Tuesday, we had art.

On Wednesday, we had our make-up tumbling session from Monday night that we missed because of the game.  Alise was sore after practice from trying her back bend over/hand spring.  And trust me.  I heard all about it!  FOR THREE DAYS!!  I even broke out the heating pad for her.

Thursday was a late appointment with the orthodontist that informed me that it was time for three teeth to be pulled.  Right before I asked if we could wait until January (because we've used all our healthcare spending money), he said, "And it would be really nice if we could get these out within the next 4 to 6 weeks, Mom." Oh good grief!  So that's when I called Wayne and had him call our dentist and schedule the extraction after Alise's scheduled cleaning in October.

On Friday, our school had homecoming.  I went to the pep rally to see all the girls' pretty dresses so Alise and I could talk about them later - Ha! (In a good way.  We like to ask each other whose dress we liked best!)  I knew Alise's Big Sis from last year was going to be there, but Alise didn't know.  She was so shocked and happy to see K!  Her BS this year, A, was so, so pretty!!  Again, most of the pics are on my big camera.

Since it was homecoming, school dismissed at noon, so Alise and I spent the rest of the afternoon together. We went to lunch and I took her to see "Dolphin Tale 2."  After that, it was back to the football field for the game and half time ceremonies.

On top of all this fun, we had FIVE tests last week and when I saw that we had a vocabulary test, I nearly lost it!  Usually, we have them on alternating weeks, and it just so happened that last week's test made it two in a row.  Baby Girl hung in there, through it all, though!  She made A's on all her tests.

Despite Alise's drama at times, she really is turning into an amazing young girl!  When we were at the mall on Friday - with just about everyone else from school - she ran into these prek'ers and kindegarteners.  They literally ran up to her in the mall and hugged and talked to her.  Alise hugged them back and actually carried on a conversation with them.  I heard her ask them if they were going to the movies, did they like the peprally, which color dress did they like the best.  I was amazed.  THIS was my daughter!!

I read somewhere last week about "Helicopter Moms."  Yep!  That would be me!

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