Wednesday, September 03, 2014

New Fall Line Up

Y'all know I don't watch alot of TV.  I'd rather read.  But every Fall, I post a list of shows that I plan to resume watching - because I like them - or "try" watching to see if it's a show I'll like.  Here goes:

Sunday/CBS/ - Madame Secretary (NEW)
Sunday/ABC/ - Revenge - old one, but goody!  Last season was great!
Sunday/BBC/ - Downton Abbey - one of my favoarite shows on television!!

Monday/NBC/ - The Black List (NEW FOR ME THIS SEASON)- caught on late last year
Monday/NBC/ - The Voice - serves as background noise during supper
Monday/TNT/ - Dallas - oh my, if you aren't watching this show something is wrong with you!

Tuesday/CBS/ - NCIS New Orleans - the biggest show on TV comes to my great state!
Tuesday/NBC/ - Chicago Fire - enough said!

Wednesday/CBS/ - Survivor - Alise loves this show and doesn't miss a week; Me?  Not so much.
Wednesday/CBS/ - Stalker (NEW) - It's got that cutie, McDermott in it!

Thursday/NBC/ - Scandal - Everybody in America needs to be watching this show!!
Thursday/NBC/ - How To Get Away With Murder (NEW) - I have to watch this because the lady from the movie, The Help is in it!
Thursday/CW/ - Reign - But thanks to losing our satellite, I have no idea how last season ended!!

Saturday/CBS/ - 48 Hours - if football games allow, but we normally have to catch the season on reruns.

Gosh!  This list makes me look like all I do is watch TV!  Ha!  We normally record our shows and watch them after Alise has gone to bed.  And she normally has to be asleep, too, because if she hears any violence on TV, she wigs out!  We do alot of catching up on Friday  nights! Did you notice there aren't any shows we watch on that night?

So what are YOUR favorite TV shows?  Do you watch "live" or record and watch them later? What new shows will you be watching this Fall? 

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  1. Thanks for this! Now I know what to watch! But I'm throwing Gray's and Parenthood in there too