Thursday, September 04, 2014

Let The Homecoming Festivities Begin!

Remember when I said on Tuesday that I wondered how much parents spent on Homecoming for their girls?


As far as I know - or at least where we live here in the South - the Homecoming {HC} tradition hasn't changed since I was in high school.  Just maybe the order has changed.

When I was in high school nearly twenty-three years ago, we of course, voted on our maids. About two weeks later, on the Friday morning, during the pep rally, the Queen was announced.  All the girls on court - including the queen - wore nice, two-piece, suit-style dresses.  Suits that would not be complete without a hat, of course.  That evening, at the football game, the girls would dress to the nines in formal dresses and parade on the field at half time with their dads and the queen and runner up would receive a large bouquet of red roses.

Oh, my freshman year of looking like a blooming idiot with a huge flower hiding my body with just my face poking through.  I was a prop that year.  The year's them was "Under the Rainbow" and the HC court got to walk under a huge rainbow with gold metallic fringe hanging from it's middle.  Then, my senior year, it had rained before the game and my best friend Darla won HC Queen and got her heels stuck in the mud.  She couldn't move.  Finally someone came over on the PA system and said, "Would someone please help Darla off the field?"  That was Darla, though.

I digress.

So, NOW - or at least at Alise's school -  all the maids wear their formal dresses in the morning and are presented to the school and parents by a voted-on Beau.  The football coach presents the football to be used that night to the winner as Queen.  Later that night at the game, the girls wear their suits and hats and tootle around the track before the game starts in high dollar vehicles.  

So now back to my question:  Just how much does homecoming cost?

I made a major mistake on Monday when I went to a popular local boutique to get Annie's gift certificate.  Girls were everywhere!  It was chaos!  The young girl and her mom that checked out in front of me, their bill was a tad over $500!!  Now, I didn't see what all she got, but I do know there was a hat involved because of the box.  But $500 just for one night?? And that doesn't even include the FORMAL Dress!!  Or the OTHER FORMAL dress that she has to have for the dance!  You simply can't wear the same dress!  Duh!

Which all lead me to wonder this:  what on earth do those girls do with those outfits and dresses after they wear them?  Do they sit in their closet collecting dust?  Is there such a thing as "borrowing" these days??

A few girls borrowed dresses when I was in high school.  But not many.  I borrowed a dress from a friend once whose mother could sew.  Amanda always had the prettiest tea-length dresses {We wore tea-length to HC and Christmas dances and long dresses were saved for prom}.  

I also had a dose of reality when, as I was walking out of the chaotic store and breathing fresh air once again, it hit me that I could have a daughter old enough to be on HC court this year.  I wanted to hit myself right upside the head!  I was like, where did that thought come from?

So do I pray that Alise doesn't make HC court when she's old enough or do I just ignore if for now, let whatever happens happen, but pray that inflation doesn't increase every year for the next five years?!

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  1. Don't you dare hope against that baby making homecoming court!!!!You just start saving your pennies now!!!

    I have fabulous homecoming memories of gigantic flowers!!!