Wednesday, July 02, 2014

The Food Truck Question

Does food belong in trucks?

The first time I ever heard of a food truck was after our friends moved to Houston.  Their neighborhood had some construction going on and I remember Misty talking about the "Taco Trucks."  I was like, what in the world is a Taco Truck?  She said the truck would come into the neighborhood at like 9:00 in the morning for the construction workers to buy tacos.  Must've been a big city thing because I just didn't get it!  That was about ten or twelve years ago.

Last year, my friend's son was getting married in Baton Rouge and he wanted the rehearsal dinner catered by a local food truck!  Say what?!  This particular truck was a "hamburger truck," and had crazy names for different versions of burgers.  The owner "tweeted" where he was parked in the city and the crowds flocked. Needless to say, the "hamburger truck" idea didn't work out for the rehearsal dinner.  Only because they never could get the owner to answer his phone.

Having said all this, imagine my surprise when I heard on the news that a local councilman in our area is proposing an ordinance to expand our eating options!  He used words like "mobile vendors" and "restaurants on wheels."  Big city has come to Funroe!!

I guess I really shouldn't be surprised by this.  I've grown up with crawfish shacks on the side of the roads for years.  I'm sure it's no different than New York vendors selling hot dogs on the sidewalks {Speaking of New York, did you hear that the Mayor is wanting to do away with the horse and carriage rides?}.  It's just like going through a fast food drive thru, I assume, only now, you have to get out of your car.

What do you think?  Are there food trucks where you live?  Have you ever bought food from one?

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