Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Salon #2

Remember the Beauty Shop v. Salon post?

And remember when I said that I could normally go without a hair cut between coloring?

Yeah, well, that didn't happen this time.

Last week I finally couldn't take it anymore and succumbed to the conclusion that I should have knocked on wood when I said I could go nearly three months without a cut.  That or my hair just took a really wild growing spurt.  So I made an appointment at ANOTHER salon - which was the one I had originally planned to go to until I let the girls at work convince me otherwise.  And in case you're wondering why I didn't go back to that salon, it's because they book appointments like months in advance and I knew there was no way I could get in.

So Saturday morning, I walked into another high end Salon and I think I pretty much found my House of Hair.

For several reasons.

The atmosphere, theme, aura -  whatever you want to call it - was more my style.  Instead of a contemporary feel, this salon had chandeliers and comfy couches and tapestry pillows.  They even played 80's music like R.E.M.{new agey 80's). This salon was smaller and didn't make me feel that I was just being run through the process.  There was still a "color bar," but it was located in the back of the salon, so you didn't feel like you were sitting out in the middle of the room for everyone to see you as Medusa with foil all in your head!  There were only four or five stylist chairs and no hairdryers hanging from the ceiling this time.

My stylist was new to the Salon and when she told me that, I kinda panicked.  But she was from this area, had worked in a salon before in our town and had just moved back from Jackson, Mississippi.  AND she had curly hair!  That's always a plus because chances are, if your stylist has curly hair,  then she can cut and style curly hair!!  We hit it off immediately!  She gave me a complimentary wash-out thingy before she cut my hair {something that the other salon did not do and was quick to point out that their wash-out thingy was already included in the price!}.  What I liked most about Anna was that she TALKED to me!  She told me everything she was going to do before she did it, we talked about cooking and baking - she had gone to culinary school - we talked about a local boutique we both liked to shop at...we just had a lot in common.

So I won't mention the price, because the price still stinks, big time!  But at least I walked out of there happy and that it was worth it.  Sort of.

Then!  As I was walking to my car, I noticed Anna had personalized ALABAMA PLATES ON HER CAR!!!!  I quickly walked back in the salon, but Anna was already with another customer.  I waited patiently {some what} and when she finished talking to her client, I said, "Anna?!  ARE YOU AN ALABAMA FAN!"  She said, "Yes, I am!"  I said, "ROLL TIDE, SISTER!" AND SHE SAID ROLL TIDE BACK TO ME {That's how you can tell a true Alabama fan, by the way!  If you say, "Roll Tide" around here and they don't say anything back to you, then they're not a real fan!}!!  I asked her if she was from Alabama and she said no, that she's just always liked them.  Woo-hoo!!  I told her I would definitely be back for another visit!!

Who would have ever thought my new stylist would be an Alabama fan?

That just goes to show you that I shoulda stuck to my first instinct about going to that Salon!  I'll be cancelling my color appointment with Salon #1 later this week!

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