Monday, July 07, 2014

I'm Over Summer Temps

So July 4th has officially come and gone and that means that I'm officially over summer.  We're on the "downhill" of summer where thoughts of school-starting-soon are beginning to envelope my brain.

It's hawt, y'all!  Even at 5 o'clock in the morning when I get up to walk.  Y'all know I'm not a summer person, and as a Southern Belle, I don't like to glisten {aka, "sweat"} so about this time of year, I wash my hands of Summer and lay low inside under the fans and air conditioning.  I dread July and August here in Louisiana because the humidity is just awful.  I don't even like to turn the oven on!  How in the world did the Scarlett O'Hara's of the day make it back then?

Okay.  Enough complaining about the heat.

Because I know Mother Nature is about to whop me over the head with a bolt of lightening for not appreciating the oh-so cooler temps {and hardly any humidity} that we were blessed with over the 4th of July weekend!  It was WONDERFUL!!  We actually SAT OUTSIDE on the 4th at my mom and dad's waiting for the Butterfinger Ice Cream to finish churning and it was great!  The weather AND the ice cream!! My dad grilled burgers and we had baked beans and potato salad, too!  Yummy southern 4th of July cuisine!

Here's me and Baby Girl before we left to go to my parent's house for the day.  Can you believe we didn't even get in the pool that day?  Shame.  I got some compliments on my blouse on IG and when I wore it again on Saturday to the River Walk.  I love it!  I got it at a local boutique.  I love how all the American Flag fashion came back in style this year!  When Alise insisted on wearing a dress that I got her from Walmart three years ago for the day, my heart smiled because Baby Girl doesn't hardly do dresses anymore!
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As if all the great food at my parents weren't enough, later that evening, I made some mini cherry pies that I had pinned on Pinterest.
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I free handed the stars because I didn't have a mini cutter.  Just saying.

Our local holiday fan fare took place on Saturday instead of Friday, so Saturday morning, we got up and headed downtown to the River Market.  The vendors were okay, but I expected more for a holiday weekend.  I bought Alise her first pair of "dangling" earrings and she wore them to church on Sunday.  She thought she was hot stuff!

Here are me and Wayne at the River Market courtesy of Alise.  Even Saturday morning with little to no humidity, the temp was hawt!  Even Wayne was beginning to melt!  He is out in the heat all day every day, so when I could tell he was on the verge of complaining, we decided to go to lunch and cool off!
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After a few errands and other than eating out the entire weekend, we decided to lay low.  I finished a book, Wayne enjoyed the theater room and Sunday afternoon, Alise had a friend over to swim and spend the night.

I hope your 4th of July was awesome!

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