Thursday, May 22, 2014

What We've Been Up To Part One

Gosh!  Where do I begin?

This may be a "two-parter" post!

Last Friday night, we attended our school's graduation because Alise's Big Sis was graduating and since she had never been to a graduation ceremony before, I thought it would be a good opportunity.  Alise was SO sad about K graduating!  She wanted to have her as a Big Sis again next year so needless to say, we left a few hours later in tears.  Alise crying over K and me crying thinking that the next high school graduation I attended would probably be my own daughter's and if that night was any indication of how it would go - complete with baby pictures and sappy "children-grow-up" songs - well, then, I best be prepared with a box of kleenex and my mascara!!  Here's Alise and K after the ceremony:

Now, I have a cute little story to tell.  Alise is by NO means boy crazy!  Just so you know.  I mean it. Really. Before graduation started, a boy from her class walked in with his family and I guess he had asked his mom if he could sit with Alise and I.  B ended up sitting with us during the whole ceremony and let me just say, he is a HOOT!  My mistake of letting him sit at the end of the aisle {I didn't think he would be sticking around} because he WAVED - like BIG TIME waved - at all the graduates as they passed by!  He and Alise were so cute together.  Just so innocent and making each other laugh and smile.  I loved watching them together. That is, until I looked down about midways through the ceremony and saw them HOLDING HANDS!!  I was so shocked, I didn't know what to do, y'all!!  I just looked up really fast and kinda panicked a little.  But it was so quick! - the hand holding.  I mean, before I knew it, he dropped her hand like a hot potato!  It's like I think B wanted to hold her hand and before he realized what he was actually doing, he really did realize it and dropped it.  It was funny but yet innocent, too.  I told Wayne about it when we got home and he grinned.  GRINNED, y'all!  Didn't even reach for his gun!  We tried not to play it up so much.  I did ask Alise who grabbed who's hand first and she said she couldn't remember.  Heaven help me!  Here's the two hand holders:
I know you don't believe me about the "boy crazy" stuff by the looks of this picture, but I promise I'm not lying.

On Saturday, we celebrated Alise's birthday a few weeks early by inviting some school friends over for a pool and make-your-own-pizza party.  Even though the water was a little too cool {down right COLD in my honest opinion}, the girls swam for nearly three hours!  They had a blast!!

The stomach bug has been going around, so a few of her friends weren't able to come.  I've learned to have her parties BEFORE Memorial Day and not after because afterwards, you can't get anyone to come to a birthday party.  The girls made their own pizzas and Wayne baked them in the brick oven.  They loved it!  I promised Alise a sleepover with her two closest friends the night before her actual birthday on Memorial Day.

It's hard to believe that this time nine years ago I was big fat pregnant!  My due date was the 23rd and I was bound and determined to stick it out until Baby Girl decided to come on her own.  Lo' and behold it's nine years later and she's STILL in charge!  Drives me INSANE!

Part two next week!  Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!!


  1. HAND HOLDING!!!!!!! WHAT!?!?!?!?!!!! Meanwhile she looks adorable looks fun!!!!

  2. Sounds like you've been busy! My nephew's birthday is the beginning of June, but my sister already had his friend party because she's also learned it needs to happen prior to Memorial Day. Happy birthday to your girl : )