Thursday, May 29, 2014

Same Dress, Different Birthday

Before I get started, I wanted to let you know about the Summer Style Me Pretty challenge!  You may remember that I told you about the spring challenge and I actually participated in that one and it was alot of fun!  I didn't have to go out and buy alot of new clothes - Leigh was right that I already had most of the items in my closet!  I think the thing I enjoyed the most was being a part of the FB group and getting to see everyone's outfits and style pictures.  I've decided to opt out of the summer challenge with hopes of joining the fall challenge {only because it's my favorite season} later this year, but if you're interested in spicing up your summer wardrobe inexpensively, click HERE and scroll to the bottom of the post for all the deets!  I think this is something everyone should do at least once! Fun, fun!

So great minds think alike!

Especially when it's my OWN mind!

I thought this was so funny that I thought I would share.  I'm a confessed clothes hog!  I like clothes.  I like shopping.  What can I say?  So to be honest, having a picture with me wearing the exact same thing {unless it's an Alabama t-shirt} is like finding buried treasure.  It just doesn't happen.  But here's proof that anything is possible:



Same white gingham dress from Dress Barn worn on Alise's birthday two years in a row.  I love this dress. It just shouts summer to me!


  1. Love a white dress in the summer - pretty!

  2. such a pretty dress and you look even better in it this summer!