Saturday, May 10, 2014

Helen Keller & Softball

I can not believe I have not posted a single thing this month!  Shame. On. Me.

And if you guessed that the reason would be because I've been busy, then you would be correct!

Busy with school projects, school activities, softball, and work.  We've done a poster and report on the great state of Alabama, dressed up like Helen Keller for the day, participated in all the fun end-of-the-year stuff at school, rallied in our batting slump, and for me, personally?  May 15th has become my next to favorite holiday!!  It's been fun, but gosh, am I tired!
Helen Keller for the day!

This is our last official week of third grade.  Around the middle of September last year, I never thought I'd see this week arrive!   The BEST thing is, you won't hear me complain anymore about third grade homework!  But the truth is, I am SO proud of Alise and what all she's learned this year!  She has done a FANTASTIC job and has made straight A's all year!!

Now softball?  That's a different story.  Alise is doing great at playing third base!  She averages at least one out a game.  But her hitting?  She seems to be in a batting slump right now!  It's gotten bad enough that Coach has moved her to the bottom of the line up.  She strikes out more than she hits these days and for the life of us, we can't understand why!!  She has always been a strong hitter and if she ever connects this year, it's sure to go to the fence and maybe earn her a home run because she's just a really fast runner - if she ever gets on base!  So we're dealing with all the emotions she's going through right now with that.  And trust me. It's been a roller coaster!!

Wayne is still working on the theater room.  It's nearly finished.  I'll try to post pictures soon.  The furniture arrives next week.  He better get that air conditioner fixed on the upstairs, though, or I'll still be watching movies from the couch!

Happy Mother's Day to all my readers!  I hope you're blessed with lots of love and family this weekend!


  1. Happy Mother's Day!

  2. Um yeah - I need a more frequent dose of Southern bits from you!!

  3. Loving the Helen Keller look-a-like. Haha! She is too cute.

    Congratulations smart girl for making straight As!! We are so proud of you!! We love you and miss you! Good Luck on the field.

    Happy Late Mother's Day Laura!!

    Miss y'all and love you!!