Monday, April 21, 2014

The Horton World

Here's what's been going on in our world for the last week and a half {and in no particular order}:

1.  The Horton version of the Oreo Bomb Cake: Alise and I made our's the exact same way, only I added a layer of chocolate pudding.  Soo yummy!!  And Alise had so much fun dunking the cookies in milk!  We made a miniature version of the recipe (I was running low on Oreos), but the dessert was gone in TWO days!

2.  I am in love with this dress! MARCIE Women's Dress  I plan to buy it soon.  Very soon!  I don't know why, but I'm in love with floral prints this year!  I wish I had found it earlier, because it would have made the perfect Easter dress.

3.  THIS - Ladies & Gents - is my 2,000th post!!  I feel like I should be celebrating and throwing a party or something!  That's 2,000 scrapbook posts!  Yay, Me!!

4.  And speaking of scrapbooking - and because I haven't posted a picture of Alise in like, FOREVER - here is a picture of her on Psalm Sunday in her new wedges {Heaven help me!}.  She had seen all the pictures on IG of her Big Sis and other high school friends all dolled up for Prom, so she insisted on getting her pretty on for church. Don't know why the picture is so blurry.
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5.  For inquiring minds, the Easter Bunny did NOT leave a rabbit at our house!

6.  I'm debating on whether or not to read Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.  The movie starring Ben Affleck comes out this summer.  I read her book, Sharp Objects, and I didn't enjoy it because it was a very strange and dark book, to which, I'm not a fan.  But I kinda wanna read it before the movie comes out just to compare.  Just indecisive.

7.  Remember the table runner from Pier 1 that I mentioned a few weeks ago?  I made it to the store to check it out and although I really liked the colors, the sizing is small and to me, totally not worth the $40 bucks.  Disappointed.

8.  I did not get a single picture of us celebrating Easter. No picture of us all dressed up {and I actually bought a new dress this year and Wayne even wore a suit to church!}.  No picture of Alise with her Easter basket.  Truly, I am ashamed.  That is so unlike me, but I just simply forgot.  We went to my parents' house to celebrate with lunch.  Mom outdid herself!  I'm not normally a ham person, but this year, I couldn't quit eating it!  I made Strawberry Cheesecake Parfaits {again!}.

9.  Wayne vacuumed the pool yesterday afternoon and Alise was begging to get in.  I just wanted some peace to finish a book, so I told her to do whatever she wanted to do.  Of course, that means free reign. She had her new swimsuit on in a matter of seconds and jumped in!  I have no idea how cold the water was.  She played and swam for about an hour and I got to finish my book.  She's out of school {again} this week for Easter break, so I foresee some more sunny afternoons around the pool and swimming in our future.

10.  On Good Friday, we took Alise to see the movie, "Heaven Is For Real."  She loved the movie although it was a little slow to me.  I read the book for book club a few years ago and liked it.

11.  Tomorrow Wayne and I celebrate our 19th wedding anniversary!  I'm already looking forward to our Hawaiian cruise next year!  It's been a really sweet weekend remembering our wedding and looking forward to tomorrow.

12.  This weekend we went to Jackson to buy chairs for the theater room.  After we finally left the furniture store, Wayne treated me to get my pasta fix at Olive Garden.  If you remember, our restaurant burned at the beginning of the year and I have missed it badly.  I ate so much spaghetti and it was oh-so good!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!

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  1. Hooray for the OG and congrats on 19 years!!!!