Friday, April 11, 2014

Royals & A Little Fashion

Attention all ROYAL WATCHERS!  Lookie what I found this week (courtesy of Big Mama)!!  Click HERE!  Who knew??  Where was the internet when Princess Diana was alive {God rest her soul}?  I mean, I do love Kate, I really do, but I grew up in the Di-era, so I guess that's why I am so partial to her.  I don't follow Kate and William like I did with Charles and Diana because...well...I'm older now, and a wife and mother, so I no longer have the luxury of spending my time in the book and magazine section of K-Mart looking at glossy picture books of "What Diana Wore" while my mother shopped.  Oh, the days!!

And just let me state for the record that Prince George looks SO much like William did when he was a baby (not necessarily in these pictures below, but more so at the age George is now)!

In other UN-royal news, I'm loving this table runner from Pier 1! I haven't seen it in person {yet} but I'm thinking the turquoise is just the color I need in my dining room to POP! with the red walls!

So then I got to thinking that I wanted to do a tablescape for Cinco de Mayo.  Which caused me to look at the calendar to see what day of the week Cinco de Mayo fell on and good grief!  A MONDAY!!  Who wants to drink margaritas on a MONDAY that isn't a Monday Night Football night??  Get real.  So yeah. That tablescape idea got shot down.

But I'm still gonna take a look at that table runner when I get a second.

I mentioned Cyndi's blog before, but now she's decided to make some dough helping women style their outfits!  What a neat idea!!  Check it out HERE!

LAST CHANCE for the Style Me Challenge!  It ends at midnight tonight!  Check out Alison's post today HERE and you can also sign up for the challenge there as well.

So just for the heck of it, I decided to wear my new scarf today that I bought for the Style Me Challenge. I'm not a scarf person!  They stick out a little too far and drive me crazy, but I decided to wear it with a navy ruffled blazer, a white tee, khaki ankle pants, and leopard flats.  Just so you get the picture.
Displaying IMG_20140411_111844.jpg
I was worried that it may be a little too orangey for me and that someone would mistake me as an Auburn fan, but it didn't happen.

One last thing, if you received Ulta's 20% off coupon in the mail, it ends TOMORROW!!  This includes name brand products and not just the cheap stuff.

Happy, happy Friday!!  Have a great weekend!!

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