Monday, April 07, 2014


Well so much for sunshine and spring-like temps this weekend!  LA-DE-DA!  

I froze all day Saturday and it rained all. day. on Sunday.  I mean, all day!  At least my car got a wash from all the pollen on Sunday when we went to church. Our front yard looked like a lake!  Thank goodness for Taco Soup in the crock pot after church!  It was perfect!  But who else is eating soup and running their heat in April??

Rainy weather is perfect sleeping and reading weather!  I napped all afternoon and finished one book and began another.  But I needed the rest.  We had had a busy week before and I was exhausted.  

I may have folded a load or two of clothes yesterday, too.

And made BLTs for supper.

But that's about it!

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