Monday, April 28, 2014

Hello Monday!

Mr. Horton and I celebrated NINETEEN years of wedded bliss last Tuesday night!  It was the first anniversary since I can't even remember, that we both worked on our special day!!  We usually take the day off and spend it together, but I think we're both SO looking forward to spending next year in Hawaii that it didn't matter so much this year.  I had planned for us to celebrate the evening at the new Italian restaurant that I keep telling you about and STILL haven't gone to.  But when I googled it to make a reservation, I could tell from pictures that the atmosphere just wasn't what I was wanting {it seemed more contemporary than I like} so we opted for our old "stand by."  Whatever!  The food was great!  We even got this FREE!

Alise was out of school last week for Easter Break.   She stayed with my parent's for the first part of the week and then I took off Thursday and Friday.  I did absolutely NOTHING!  I was the biggest bum!  I read and laid out by our dirty pool.

This past weekend, I did NOTHING, either.  Unless you count a trip to Walmart, cooking all our meals for the entire weekend {I call it saving Wayne money}, and taking Alise to a movie Sunday afternoon.  And the only reason I took her to the movies {I really didn't want to go} is because she was so hurt that a friend she had invited over didn't want to spend the night after she said she would.

However, the way Alise acted on the softball field Thursday night, she really didn't deserve to have a friend over or go anywhere!  Let's just say we had a LONG talk about throwing the bat and being disrespectful. She said she was mad because she wasn't hitting well.   She hit a pop up and got out, and hit again and got out on first.  She swore she was safe.  The other times, she struck out.  She has been hitting really well in practice, so I'm not sure the reason for the slump that night.  However, the play of the night came when she caught a ball in the outfield {not her normal spot.  She usually plays third base, but since we were beating the other team so bad, Coach Clay swapped his players around and Alise ended up in the outfield.  Another reason she wasn't happy!}and threw it to second base.  Josie caught it and got the runner out on second base.  I must say, it was a beautiful play and you could even tell that Alise felt a little redemption.  I'm hoping tomorrow night's double hitter goes better.

We are slammed this week with activities!  Of course, school starts back and with that probably means about eight tests!  Alise has tumbling and ball practice tonight, a double hitter tomorrow night, another game Thursday night, Field Day Friday.  And then there is Teacher Appreciation going on all week at school, too. I'm praying for no migraines to slow up down!

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