Thursday, April 10, 2014

Heaven Help Me

Alise wants a rabbit for Easter.

Sister is out of luck.

{Truth be known, she's lucky to get an Easter basket at this point.}

This past weekend, we finally got around to having Bo's funeral.  I know. We're horrible parents to put off letting our child bury a box in the back yard {just in time for the monsoon of a life time to hit and float the thing off in the yard like a colorful ark}. has been busy and we thought she might eventually forget about it, but nope!  It didn't happen.

Saturday morning, I asked Alise to help me put up the groceries.  We have an outside refrigerator in the cook shack and I asked her to take the cokes and tea to that refrigerator since I didn't have room in the one in the house.  Lo and behold when she came back inside, you woulda thought someone shot her!!  I mean just this awful wailing and boo-hoo'ing.  She missed Bo.  I thought she was beginning to get over him a little bit, but I was wrong.  She said she always talked to Bo when she went to the cook shack {his pen is nearby} and that he wasn't there anymore and she wanted him to come back. So I spent the remainder of the afternoon, consoling Baby Girl and praying that Wayne would hurry up with his own errands so that we could have Bo's funeral.  Maybe closure will help.  She made be promise that we would never, ever move again because she didn't want anyone else to have Bo's funeral box.  She spent the remainder of the afternoon and evening looking for a grave marker for Bo.  

Heaven help me.

My monthly weird dreams continue.  This week I dreamed that Christy Jordan and I were best friends and she cleaned my house!  The problem was, she lived in North Carolina and so she DROVE to. my. house. every Friday to clean it.  What a friend, huh?  Now, there are a few things you must know that probably pretty much inspired this dream: 1) I follow Christy on Instagram, and a picture she posted was the last thing I saw before turning out the light, 2) We have FOLDED, CLEAN clothes scattered on the living room floor because it's not Thursday night yet, so it's not time to pick them up before our REAL life maid comes on Friday, and 3) Alise began studying states and their capitals this week and I keep getting North and South Carolina mixed up, so my third grader has to correct me.  And just for the record, she keeps calling the capital of Kentucky, FRANKFART!!  

Heaven help me.

Is it just me, or didn't everyone else begin learning the states and capitals in like fifth or sixth grade?

And speaking of school...we also started studying the human body in Science this week.  Try explaining to your third grader what a small and large intestine is!!


  1. Bless her heart! I feel so bad for her. You have a Heaven Help Me Moments this week. Shew!

    I think it's crazy for her to learn new subjects like the state capitals and parts of the human body this close to the end of the school year. NUTS!

    Alise and momma deserves a very good reward when the school year is OVER. I'd say it's manicure time. :)

  2. Anonymous10:22 PM

    Just say no to the rabbit!