Monday, March 17, 2014

Saying Good-bye & Other Stuff

Last Tuesday evening, Wayne and I made the decision to have Bo put to sleep.  Although his lungs and heart were fine, he was suffering from kidney disease.  A dark cloud hung over our family all week even though we decided to wait until Friday evening to tell Alise.  She knew that he wasn't well and was at the "animal hospital," so knowing that helped with the news on Friday and she took it better than I ever dreamed she would.  She was more upset that we didn't have Bo's actual body to bury in our backyard {we decided to let our vet bury Bo instead}.  She spent all day Saturday decorating a shoe box to put treasures in for memories of her first pet.  We still haven't had an official funeral. Her sadness comes and goes and she says, "I miss Bo," quite often.  Just breaks my heart.

On a lighter note, I made this scrumptious dessert this weekend and it was so, so darn good!!  Alise is begging me to make it again!  I even specifically went to Target Saturday morning to get the plastic version of stemless wine glasses so that I could layer it all pretty and everything.  I need to practice my layering skills.  Enough said.

There is something to be said about churches that offer early services and let me just say that I am so glad that our church does!  We went to "late church" Sunday morning because we had plans to meet the rest of our Sunday School class at a restaurant afterwards.  There were nearly 30 people at the restaurant to eat, so you can imagine what time we got out of there!  So much for an afternoon nap!  I felt like my afternoon was shot!  Wayne and I agreed that we would continue attending the 8:30 service.  We can go to church, Sunday School, go out to lunch and I can take a nap before most people get out of the church parking lot for late service.  Just saying.

I read, The Antelope in the Living Room by Melanie Shankle {aka "Big Mama"} this weekend.  It was a cute, funny read.  I laughed out loud several times and Wayne had to ask me what I was laughing at. I am struggling so hard to find books to read these days!!

And speaking of books, for all you local peeps, Greg Iles will be signing books in Jackson, Mississippi, on Tuesday, April 29th.  A little excited about that, but NOT excited that his new book, which picks up with Penn Cage, is 800 pages long!  I love Greg Iles' books, but goodness you have to invest some time in them!

For all you Big Bang fans, you might want to check out, The Rosie Project.  It was a cute read and I could not get past the main character looking like Sheldon from that show!  It was cheap, too.  Like $1.99 on Amazon.  At least a few weeks ago, it was.

Hope you are having a great St. Paddy's Day!  No corned beef and cabbage for us today!  I've got a pork tenderloin in the crockpot!

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  1. Not sure how I missed this post but I'm sad for you guys :(