Monday, March 31, 2014

Monday Musings

Here are some beginning-of-the-week thoughts I've got going on in my head this beautiful Spring morning:

1.  We have been swamped!  So, so busy, but with what, I can't even begin to tell you!  This week will be a hard one as well.  An out of town friend of mine is having surgery this week and will be recovering at our house.  Not sure how this "Nurse Laura" thing is going to play out!  Ha!

2.  One of my new favorite bloggers is HERE.  Be sure to check her out!

3.  Alise's spelling words this week are killers!  Thank goodness Ms. Turner sent them home over the weekend, so yes, we've already started studying! Words like multiplication, constellation, magician.  Shoot me now!  I dread getting her test schedule this evening!  Last week, we were testing, so she didn't have any homework.  It's back to the grind this week!  Heaven help me!

4.  I'm up to three miles on my daily walks!  I can feel the difference of exercising in my clothes, but the numbers on the scale aren't moving.  Not good.

5.  I made this new grilled shrimp recipe this weekend and I think it's my favorite!  Speaking of which, we tried really, really hard to entertain friends outside this weekend and the weather just wouldn't cooperate!  It's still a little too cool in the evenings after the sun goes down.  We had to end up moving the party inside.

6.  If you don't click on any other link today, click on THIS ONE!!  YOU NEED TO DO THIS WITH ME!!  It's gonna be fun!!  Hurry!!  Do it now!

7.  I finished THIS BOOK this weekend and loved it!!  I don't think it's for everyone, but it gets 5 stars from me!!

8.  I. want. this. dress.

Happy Monday!  I hope you have a FABULOUS day!!


  1. Keep walking - you will see the results soon! And, happy Monday :-)

  2. Anonymous10:15 PM

    That dress is gorgeous. :)

    I wish it would warm up and the wind would stop blowing so I can take the kids out in the stroller and walk! It's still a bit chilly.