Monday, March 10, 2014

Monday Musings

Hello Peeps!

I've got lots of pictures to share, but all in good time, my Pretties.  All in good time.

I'm missing the hour of sleep we lost Saturday night. And it will take a while for this aging, pre-menopausal woman to get over it.  Unfortunately, I got the Mommie-of-the-Year award for taking my kid to a birthday party at a CRAY-zee "family adventure place" yesterday instead of taking my usual Sunday afternoon nap.  Doesn't make for a good start to a new week, let me tell ya!

With all "our" and "my" traveling last week, I had to do the unspeakable and "push the button" to make all the blogs I read "readable."  Sorry, but I didn't need the added pressure of trying to catch up on my blog reading with no sleep.  I do apologize.

To all my local peeps, I must warn you: do not waste your time or money by visiting the new restaurant in West Monroe, Avanti {I think that's the name of it.  At this point, I don't care.}.  It's where the old Hob Nob use to be.  You'll just have to trust me on this one and stick around for a future post review.  The restaurant was absolutely horrible - we didn't stick around long enough for our entrees - and it really ticked me off because I was really, really, REALLY craving Italian food.  We left and went to another restuarant.  Pray, pray, PRAY that Olive Garden opens again really soon!!

Okay, I read a little back-lash about my man Matthew McConaughey winning the Best Actor award last week.  Some things I am just better off not knowing about, okay?  Just drop it.  He won.  It's over.

On a more serious note, I was so glad to be back in our Sunday School class yesterday {We missed church}.  Our class is growing and it is amazing to see what God is doing in all our lives.  No matter where you live, or what church you attend, I strongly encourage you to join a Life Group {aka "Sunday School class"}.  That is where the relationships are formed and nurtured that will carry you through the difficult and hard times in your life.  I don't know where I would be without my Christian friends and family.  Having said that, yesterday we talked about prayer and out of everything that was mentioned these four words spoke more to me than anything else: Prayer is a privilege.  As believers, it our privilege to be able to communicate with God.  So many times, I see it as a "duty"...something I "gotta do" in order to receive God's blessing.  And other times, I think, why even bother?  Doesn't God already know the desires of my heart?  But God WANTS to hear from us!  What if your child or children never communicated with you?  Even though you, as their parent, knows what's best for them, don't you enjoy hearing and talking with your kids?

Our dog, Bo, isn't doing well and Alise is beside herself.  Wayne thinks he has worms {sounds so disgusting} and so we bought medicine Saturday night on our date night at a tractor/farm supply.  Wayne nearly went to vet school, so I assume he knows what he's doing.  We've given Bo shots for the last two days and he has one more left for tomorrow.  Wayne says if he's not better by this weekend - or even makes it until then - he'll carry him to the vet.  The truth is, he's not the same dog and something is obviously wrong.  Alise is upset, which makes me upset, because I don't normally handle life and death situations very well.  Bo is her first pet and for her sake, I hope he gets better soon.

I hope you have a great Monday!  


  1. Ohhh, sorry to hear about Bo!

  2. I hope your pup is feeling better. So hard when an animal is not well : (