Monday, March 03, 2014

Just a Few Things About The Oscars

I'm leaving shortly and headed to Tiger Country {LSU-ville.  Pray for me. Wayne has already taken the Alabama license plate off my car.} but I wanted to share my thoughts on last night's Oscar's.  For simplicity and time purposes, I've decided to number them, so bare with me. 

1.  I thought it was the best Oscar Night that I've seen in recent years.  Of course, there is always the interim "snooze fest" that I think the producers could totally just do without and then MAYBE the program would end at 10:00.

2.  I wasn't impressed with any of the dresses or gowns.  Seeing Jennifer Lawrence in orange - at least it was orange on my TV - was a shocker.  I thought Sandra Bullock was the best dressed.  I loved the navy blue.  I was about to go off on Whoopie Goldberg for her atrocious attire, but when she showed us the ruby red slippers, I decided to forgive and forget.

3.  Which leads me to Pink's performance of Over the Rainbow.  I thought it was a great performance, but it didn't leave me with chills.  I thought her red dress for the performance was spot on.

4.  Was Liza Minnelli drunk?  And just for the record, I knew Judy Garland had three kids.

5.  Yes, I thought Ellen's group Twitter pic was da bomb, but was she telling the truth about Twitter going down?  I tweeted throughout the entire program and never noticed a glitch.  And the pizza delivery was great!  Seeing Brad Pitt hand Meryl Streep a plastic plate was priceless.  I'm not an Ellen fan, so forgive me if I'm not gushing today.

6. I nearly cried when I saw Paul Walker's picture in the Memorium.  I just have so much more respect for him since his death.  And I miss Shirley Temple.  I didn't know that the Ghostbusters dude had died.

7.  I bet only ten people in the audience even KNEW who Kim Novack was when Mr. Matthew McConaughey - more on him in a minute - escorted her to the microphone.  She played on Falcon Crest in the '80s when Jane Wyman left the show.  Jane Wyman was married to Ronald Reagan.  Just a little Hollywood trivia.

8. I nearly came unglued when The Great Gatsby costume designer pulled her thank you speech out of left breast!  Give. me. a. break.

9.  It will take a while for me to get over John Travolta mispronouncing Idina Menzel's name.  A long while.

10.  Oh, Idina.  I got caught up in the hoopla.  I was SO looking for a fantastic performance, but I know you were nervous!  But you hit the notes when it mattered, got a standing ovation, and your song won an Oscar!  Good job, you WICKED girl, you!

11.  I learned last night that Channing Tatum is from Cullman, Alabama!  Rah-Rah to the family home team!!  Thank you to whoever it was that tweeted me a pic of him sporting an Alabama hoodie!

12.  Out of all the movies that were nominated for an Academy Award, I've only seen "Captain Phillips."  Do I think it was Oscar worthy?  No.  Will I watch any of the other films, especially "12 Years A Slave"?  Of all the movies, that one would probably be the one I would be most interested in seeing, but after seeing some of the scenes last night, I think it may be too graphic and violent for me.  I'm miffed that The Butler didn't get an Oscar nod.

13.  So, so, SO extremely proud of Matthew McConaughey!  I'm so glad that he has one Academy Award under his belt because he doesn't normally play roles that are that worthy.  As he was giving his acceptance speech, I was glad to hear him thank God and his parents.  But to me, he will always be Jake Tyler Brigance with that Texas twang from A Time To Kill.

Stay warm!  I'm headed to Tiger Country!

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  1. Geaux Tigers....wait, what just happened? lol I got all caught up in Mardi Gras and stuff! Be safe!