Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Hodge Podge Post

I've decided to participate in From This Side of the Pond's weekly Hodgepodge because I seem to be in a blogging rut I haven't participated in a while and I really enjoy her rather "thought provoking" questions.  Simply put, sometimes, I just don't have the time to participate, but here goes this week!

1.  Thursday marks the first day of celebrate would you rather plant a garden or go for a walk in the woods? Would either of those activities be possible on Thursday where you live?

I JUST tweeted this morning: "Dear Spring: You may spring, sprang, sprung at any given time!" Y'all know I'm a winter person, but even I can take so much!  I'm ready for Spring!!  There.  I've said it.  I am SO looking forward to Thursday!  I'm ready to pull out my white jeans {You guys that live by the "you-can't-wear-white-before-Easter" rule, just take a back seat!}!!  I even bought a new FLORAL {I don't do floral but it is SO in right now!  Everyone needs at least ONE floral item in their closet!} blouse to wear with said white jeans.  As for planting a garden or walking in the woods...I don't plant gardens.  I tend to not like to get my white jeans dirty.  I started my walking routine again about two weeks ago and although I haven't lost any weight, my clothes are fitting better.  Gotta get back in those white jeans!

2. When did someone last spring something on you? (or when did you last spring something on someone?)

For the life of me, I can't remember the last time I sprung something on somebody.  I mean, I'm a planner.  Thus, I don't like things sprung on me, either.  I guess the last time someone sprung something on me, it was Mr. Horton.  After we agreed to an hiatus on projects around the house, he proceeds to clean out a space upstairs and begin construction on his movie/media room.  Say what?  But he would like you to know that it's moving along rather nicely.

3.  We often think of spring as a time for new beginnings. What's something you'd like to start doing this spring?

I like the idea that Spring is for new beginnings.  To me, it's an awakening, a time of renewal and growth.  A time for cleaning out and getting rid of the old and for bringing in the new whether it's physically, spiritually, mentally or closet-ly {I know "closet-ly" isn't a word, but if you're like me, I have to change out my wardrobe every season from closet to closet.}. I'm looking forward to walking again because it's my own personal "me time."  I use that time to pray and to think positively.  I'm also looking forward to spending time outside reading by our pool or riding bikes with Baby Girl.

4. Where do you like to sit in a movie theatre? When did you last sit there, and what were you watching?

Dead center of the theater. With a tub of popcorn, a bag of M&Ms, and a Diet Coke.  It's important that there are cup holders present.  A few weeks ago, Mr. Horton and I went to see The Monuments Men and it was a really good movie.  Slow, but good.  That's the first time in our nineteen year marriage that Mr. Horton suggested seeing a George Clooney movie, so of course, I was game!  In other thoughts, we rented Saving Mr. Banks this past weekend, and I must stress that I was very disappointed in that movie.  So much so that I would suggest skipping it.

5. When you meet someone for the very first time, what do you want them to think about you?

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!  Honestly, the older I get, it doesn't matter as much to me what people think about me.  I just try to be myself.  What you see is what you get.  Of course, I want to be liked, but honestly, I have too much going on in my life to worry about whether someone likes me or not.  It's just not something I dwell on.  I consider myself a fair boss, a loyal employee, a pretty good cook, a somewhat attractive wife {or at least I try to be}, a firm mother, and a caring friend.  I try my best to live my life for an audience of One {meaning God, not myself}.

6. March is frozen food month (yes, really!). Besides ice cream (gotta make you think a little) what's your most often purchased frozen food item?

Believe it or not, I don't buy a whole lot of ice cream.  And I LOVE ice cream! But we just get in the car and go get it if we want it.  That's just us.  But my most often purchased frozen food would have to be Great Value Chicken Poppers from Walmart.  Throw some french fries on a baking sheet with them and whal-la!  Supper is served!  I've served them at parties at our house and they disappear.  I include them in summer salads.  We just like them.  And make sure you have Ken's Honey Mustard Dressing to dip them in! 

7. What's something you avoid?

Potholes.  Unless I'm driving too fast and I don't see it until after I've already ran over it and messed up the alignment on my car.  Confrontations.  Most of the time.  Large crowds.  Unless it's in Bryant Denny Stadium.  Certain foods that for the life of me I can't think of right now.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

Alise is still sad about Bo.  Every day when we pull into the driveway, the first thing she looks at is his pen and I see the sadness sweep over her face.  It breaks my heart.  I know God is using this situation of losing her first pet to teach her about life and death, but boy, is it hard to watch.  Sometimes I think I've cried more than she has.  She's crying for Bo and I'm crying for her!!

Happy Wednesday!!


  1. I love, love your answer to number 5.

    I'll have to try the chicken poppers. Something my family would like.

  2. I am like you, I love winter but even I have had enough!

  3. I hate potholes! Our roads got really bad this winter. I'm hoping they get them fixed soon.

  4. I hate potholes as well and this year they are on every road.

  5. I'm sorry about your pup. Never easy, even when we know it's time.

    We've got potholes galore after this brutal winter. It's kind of like driving inside a video game, zigging and zagging around them : ) Glad you played along this week!

  6. Renee8:43 PM

    I'll have to try those chicken poppers. (By the way, just so you know, the word is "voila".) I've enjoyed reading your blog.