Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Thank Me Later!

For all you Super Moms out there, contact Dawn now and thank me later!  I found these A-dorable Valentines on Pinterest and yep!  They will be on their way to my house later this week!  When I showed them to Alise, she nearly died {she is SO SO into the whole "Frozen" thing right now} and even though we had JUST bought another Valentine goody for her class that EXACT day, she begged and begged for me to get these as well!

What's a Super Mom to do? 
Valentine--You're Worth Melting For / Frozen Olaf {OneCreativeMommy.com} #valentine

And just so you know, I'm giving you Dawn's info {click on link above} just in case you're a working mom like me and all you have time for these days is just buying the crap that goes in the bag!  If you remember, Dawn made the reindeer bag toppers {scroll down to see} for me at Christmas.  She makes my - and Alise's - dreams come true!

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