Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Teeth. That is All.

Ok.  This may be another TMI post because y'all probably don't care anything about seeing my daughter's x-ray of her teeth, but I'm posting it anyway.

Last week, Ms. Cindy sent us a picture of Alise's x-ray and boy, was I glad because I could NOT convince Mr. Horton that his daughter is lacking two teeth.  Everyone I've told just can't believe it.  Well, here's proof!  And if I knew how to do all that fancy-shmancy drawing and arrows on pictures, I would, so if you're still with me, just humor me for a minute.

Looking at the picture from left to right...on the bottom...the third tooth from the left... there should be a permanent tooth under it.  See how there is a permanent tooth under the fourth tooth from the left?  Now look on the right side...same thing!  No permanent tooth under the third tooth from the right.

The two teeth on either side that are adjacent to fourth tooth {the lower ones in the picture} are still permanent teeth that need to come through and don't have any room.  She will have two teeth pulled on the bottom to make room for them, still missing one tooth on each side.  Dr. C mentioned putting in implants one day.  Those will be some expensive implants, y'all, and I forgot to ask if it had to be done before she gets braces.

The top is more readable...you can tell the four teeth she'll have pulled based on the ones to come in above them.

Did you see the sweet note Ms. Cindy wrote her?

So yea.  That's my life right now. 

Thank goodness Spring Break starts Friday!!


  1. We are going through some of the same stuff...prepping for braces down the road. Carter just had 3 teeth pulled last week and then the orthodontist put a wire band/place holder on his lower teeth until the rest of his teeth come in and they are ready for braces. It is crazy that they get started so young but hopefully this prep work will make the rest go a little faster.

  2. remember how I told you I had 8 teeth pulled? Yeah, I only had 4 to replace them. Hello braces and major work. lol We have the same mouth!