Wednesday, February 26, 2014

See Ya Next Week!

Alise's Spring Break starts Friday, so we're headed to Memphis, Tennessee, as soon as Wayne gets off work on Thursday.  Can't wait!  I think we're all ready to get out of Dodge for a few days.  This Moma needs a break!  We're going to shop, eat, and take Alise to some fun attractions.  You can follow me on Instagram for up-to-the-minute pics!  I may be out of blog commission for a while because as soon as we return from Memphis early next week, I have to leave for Baton Rouge for a few days for work.  Not really looking forward to being there for Mardi Gras, but maybe I can pick up a really good King Cake while I'm there!!  Here's hoping!

Y'all know how much I loved the Olympics, but I am pumped that the regular TV schedule is resuming this week!  Monday - Dallas; Tuesday - Chicago Fire; & Thursday - Scandal {which we'll have to tape and watch later}.  I'm SOOOO disappointed that the 4th season of Downton Abbey is over.  Gosh, it went by so fast!  A friend of mine suggested House of Cards on Netflix, so we might start watching it.  And, of course, Revenge will be back soon, too.

This past Saturday night, we double dated with Brad and Leigh.  We went to one of my favorite restaurants and had a great dinner and then we went to see Kevin Costner's new movie, "3 Days to Kill," or something like that.  It was actually pretty good.  I kept waiting for Kevin to start looking a little better in the film, but alas, he's aging, Peeps!  What can I say?  He wears a scarf alot in the movie and Leigh and I said that we were going to start making Brad and Wayne wear scarves.  Ha!  Fat chance!!  Anyway, don't get me wrong.  I'm still a Costner fan, but he's just not as young as he use to be, but neither am I.

This past Sunday, I tried this recipe and Alise and I loved it!  The perfect comfort food!  Wayne has a thing about chicken and pasta together.  He said he tried it, but I never witnessed it. Anyway, it made so much that I froze half of it for a few weeks from now when I'm pressed for time. I served it with a Ceasar salad and garlic bread.  On Monday night, I may or may not have made chicken and dumplings without the chicken, at a special eight year old's request.  Of course, Wayne ate something else.

We got an email from Alise's softball coach about starting practice next week. WOW!  Clay had said something to us in late fall about Alise being the pitcher this year, but I look for those plans to change.  I've had to beg and stomp my foot to get Wayne to practice throwing the ball to her, but the truth is, she's really out of practice!  She can throw a really mean ball, though, when she wants to!

Spring will be here soon!!  Hopefully.  To all my local Peeps, stay warm this weekend!  Maybe this will be our last cold snap before Spring officially begins!

See ya next week!


  1. I should read your blog before I text you!