Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Prom 1991

My parents are in the process of doing some remodeling and Sunday afternoon we went over to help them move a few things. I hate when they get in a remodeling or "cleaning out" mode or a we're-having-a-garage-sale state of mind!  My mother always ends up drawing me back to my old bedroom and I have to end up going through my old closet.  In years past, I've been able to pacify her by just letting a few things go...a few dresses or outfits that have finally lost their sentimental value.  But this weekend?  This weekend, I let it all go!  My senior year cap and gown, the pink and pearly dress I wore to my wedding shower in Oak Grove {I can still remember painting my nails in the car on the way to the shower that Sunday afternoon!}, a red and white short little number that I do not remember at all, my going away dress after our wedding, and...wait for it....

My senior prom dress from 1991.

Oh, the beautiful dress that it was!  Still wrapped in the see-through Fields bag and complete with the alteration tag dated April 20, 1991 {a week before prom, mind you!}.

My Mini-Me happened to be standing right beside me and you should have seen her expression when she saw it!!  Let's just say it didn't match the next words that came out of her mouth:

"Oh Moma!  I want it!  I want to keep it!  I can wear it to the next "Ugly Prom Dress Pep Rally."

Although I may or may not have had ideas back in April 1991 of my sweet daughter playing dress up in my prom dress one day, those were certainly not the words I thought would come out of her mouth!

My Mini Me, my Shadow, the Joy of My Life standing barefoot in my old prom dress.

The tiara is hers.

I am so blessed!

{After writing this post, I came across THIS and thought it was so fitting for me, for you, for our daughters, and for all female souls.  Enjoy!}

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