Thursday, February 13, 2014

Neaux Feaux Sneaux Day

Yay!!  We finally got a legitimate SNEAUX DAY in our neck of the woods!! More like ICE is what I'd call it, but still.  A SNEAUX DAY.

I felt so sorry for Alise.  She wanted to play in the snow so, so bad and she was disappointed that it was just ice.  I did let her go out for a few minutes and this was her "snowman:"
More like an ice frog with sticks hanging out of its mouth, but she had fun doing it never the less.

Is there ANYTHING on TV during the day?  Good grief, y'all!  It's bad.  And if the Olympics weren't going on right now, I'm not sure what anyone would have to talk about on TV {Other than maybe the Missouri football player that "came out" right before the Draft, but I digress!}!  Not that I seriously think that that many people are watching the Olympics.  Are you?  Let me just say, we have it on at night, but we're certainly not glued to the TV or anything. I'm reading a book, actually, and in between pages, I might look up at something. I was disappointed that Shaun White didn't get the gold medal for doing whatever it is that he does on that thing, but oh, well.  I love watching the figure skating and I thought Gracie Gold did a great job the other night!  Alise liked her blue ombre skating outfit.  And would someone please give Bob Costas some antibiotic for his eye??  Ew, gross!

Speaking of the Olympics, did you know the next Winter Games were going to be in South Korea??  I didn't even know South Korea had SNEAUX!!

So with the ice-like conditions, my weekly menu has kinda went to the birds. I called Wayne from work the night it all began asking him what he wanted for supper.  I just wasn't in the mood for Mexican Mixup.  He asked for Taco Soup instead.  Go figure.  He asked me to double the recipe and I did, so we have soup coming out of our ears!  And One Pot Baked Ziti, which I plan to move to my Horton Family Favorites Board like now.  It was really, really good, but it just made so much!  And I'm pretty sure I could freeze it, but other than lasagna, I'm not wild about freezing pasta.  Call me crazy.

I know, I know.  You guys are sick of the weather.  I am too.  Maybe like this {||} much.  I'm sorry, but I'm a cold weather person.  I'm still loving my boots!  Maybe I'm ready for Spring.  But definitely not summer.  My hair can't take the 110% humidity!


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