Monday, February 24, 2014


Ok.  This post may be a little too "TMI," but I'm putting it out there anyway.

I know I told you last week was a PEACEFUL week - and it was! - except for one incident that happened at after school, when one of the 5th grade boys squirted Alise's Bath & Body hand sanitizer all down her back for no apparent reason.  So yeah, we had a little drama, but nothing I couldn't handle from my own child {it was a good day!  Remember the extra sleep?}.

So, the mother of the 5th grader that squirted the hand santitizer works with a friend of mine at the hospital.  Alise said, "I'm going to tell Ms. L to talk to his {5th grader's} mom and tell her to tell him to stop bullying me!"  To which I replied, "Alise, Ms. L can't do anything about what K did to you."

She paused for a minute and she said, "What does Ms. L do at the hospital?"

And I wasn't quite sure I wanted to go there.  But I did.

"Ms. L does mammograms."

You guessed it!  "What are mammograms?"

My chance to pause.  And sigh.  And sigh some more.

"Mammograms are like x-rays of womens' b00bies. They take pictures to see if someone might have breast cancer."

To which she hollers back, "MS.L SEES WOMENS' B00BIES??"

"Yes, Alise.  That's her job."

"Well, that's just disgusting!"

So much for my dream of her going into the healthcare profession when she's older!


  1. hilarious - except for the mean boy part!

  2. I'm hoping she will still talk to me!