Thursday, February 20, 2014

A Peaceful Week

In case you're wondering, I'm still reeling from the whole "pulling six teeth" fiasco from Monday.  And now Whitney has me scared to death that my child will be toothless for three years!  Every time I think about it, I picture Baby Girl with her lips poked over her gums like an old person that doesn't have their dentures in.  I actually dreamed about it!!  

Other than that, we've had a great {PEACEFUL} week!  The weather has been much warmer - and muggy at times {It's hard to believe as I type that we had sleet and ice this time last week!}.  Alise brought home all A's on her signed papers this week!  Ms. R even wrote, "Much Better!" on her math test that she made a 100/A+++ on!!  We only have FIVE tests this week and Alise informed me that her teachers told the class that the number of tests would be shrinking in the next few weeks due to getting ready for their big standardization test in March.  Music to this moma's ears!!

So we've been celebrating by going to bed much earlier this week!  And boy, has it made a difference!  Well, let me clarify: Wayne and I have been going to bed earlier.  Alise still goes to bed at 8:20 {on school nights} and if I had a dollar for every time she reminds me that she gets another ten minutes added to her bedtime come next report card, I would be rich, rich, rich!  So rich!  But back to me and Wayne.  Or Wayne and I.  What evah.  We've been going to bed at 9:00, with lights out before 10:00.  Alise has a totally different and Mommie and Daddy this week!  Who knew that sleep deprivation could be so un-PEACEFUL?? I can't predict how long this new bed time of ours will last - because I'm bound to have my usual week of insomnia, and I still predict nights of punching Wayne to make him wake up from his loud snoring to roll over - but for right now, it's great!  Maybe it's the new pillows we bought at Sam's on Sunday...?

Other than that, nothing else is really going on in our world. I'm enjoying the days until Spring truly hits and our days are suddenly filled with softball practice and games, swimming, and end of the year school activities.

I hope you have a very relaxing weekend!


  1. ok, I am CRACKING up. I am sure times have changed and dentists don't go pulling teeth out like they used to! She'll be fine!

    Super awesome grades and hooray for early bedtime! Girl I am dead at 9 each night and fight to make it till 10!

  2. We were thinking the same thing yesterday. Last week, we were digging out of 6" of snow and here we have threats of severe thunderstorms and tornadoes. Welcome to Early Spring!!!!

    Everything will be just fine with Alise. I've seen a few kids around town that have a few teeth missing and braces. No Worries!

    I'm so glad y'all had a relaxing week because we pretty much have had it good too. Katie's homework and tests are slacking up too because of standardized and getting ready for Spring break. I haven't had to remind her a million times to get her homework done. The bands are getting the best of me. Every time I turn around, she has her bag with bands trying to make another bracelet. Her room is completely upside down, but everything is O.K. because she has her bands. I may have to write about it. LOL! If it wasn't for the bands, she'd be obsessed about something else.

  3. I had four permanent teeth pulled as a kid, and my mouth was still crowded. My teeth shifted some, but not enough so I still had braces and all the works. I'm sure your girl will be fine...we've done the braces thing here. Your wallet will ache more than her mouth : ) Hope you have a nice weekend!