Tuesday, January 07, 2014

What I'm Into These Days

I thought today I would share some of my favorite products and some things that I seem to be "into" these days.  I love when the blogs I follow do these kind of posts because sometimes you find out some really neat stuff!  Not that I think I have a whole lotta neat stuff to offer, but still.

First of all, Christmas is normally the time of year when I ask Santa for more expensive products...things that I wouldn't normally buy myself.  For about six months, I've been using Bare Mineral Neck Cream and I just haven't been happy with the results.  So when Santa needed some last minute gift ideas, I asked him for a new brand of neck cream.  And Santa went all-out gusto and asked the Ulta rep who of course, showed him the most expensive cream in the store!!  So anyway, here's the new neck cream that I'm using and I am loving it!
A firming neck cream with Pro-Peptide and NeoGlucosamine® to tighten, tone, and smooth the neck and décolletage area.
Which brings me to the point that I am loving ALL things by Exuviance!  I went back to Ulta with a gift card in hand and bought a trial size box of several of their products and I'm loving them all!  My face feels so soft and smooth.  And the best news with these products is that "a little dab will do ya."

I've been noticing the London brand, Butter, popping up in style magazines. Another blog writer that I follow insists that the fingernail polish is better than OPI and since OPI is all that I wear, well, I didn't think you could get any better than OPI!  But according to Butter, "Nail polish is created in a lab.  Nail lacquer is created on the runway."  However, it is much pricer than OPI.  So instead of the polish, I opted to try the Lippy Tinted Lipstick in Black Cherry. Love!

Okay so I've had my red cast iron dutch oven for a few years but I've recently fell back in love with it.  It's winter time!  It's soup time!  And cranking this baby up with our favorite soup recipes is perfection!  I've even made Pioneer Woman's Perfect Pot Roast in it before!  This past weekend, I made this soup in it and it was so yummy!!
I admit.  I got my "aztec-y" looking leggins before aztec-y looking leggings were cool. Because that's just about all I wear during the winter is leggins and boots. I thought the price was reasonable at $24 a pair.  But there is one thing you must know about me and aztec-y looking leggins.  I'm very particular about the color and style.  I didn't want just black and white, nor did I want wild colors that automatically threw the eye to my legs.  Subtle is a good word.  So no.  Even this picture below is not a picture of a pair I have. You can click here to see me sporting a pair!

I'm a pen girl, too.  What can I say?  Le Pens have been around for a while, but I've just rediscovered them.  I use them mostly at work because the pens we have there stink!  I work in Finance and you would think we could buy some decent pens!!  Love all the colors and the way these write.
Product Details
As for TV shows, well, this is what Wayne and I have been catching up on for the last few weeks.
Scandal (2012) Poster
Oh. My. Goodness.  Now let me explain.  I hired a new employee.  I'm like twenty years older than she is and she was telling me about this show.  I had heard of it, but because of certain content, I really didn't think it would be a show that I would even be the slightest bit interested in.  I heard people talking about it at work so I just mentioned it to Wayne one night when there was absolutely nothing on TV and we decided to watch the first episode on Netflix.  And then we watched the second episode.  And then the third.  We finished season one and started watching season two.  You get the idea. Now we are caught up and all I have to say is that Olivia Pope is my hero! Not because of her personal life - definitely not because of that - but she's smart, she's feisty, she kicks butt and she's got a killer wardrobe and wears elbow length gloves that I would kill for!  If that's not worth watching, I don't know what is!  I just sat in front of the TV most times after we finished an episode with my mouth hanging open.  Unbelievable.  Wayne says he likes it so much because it's unpredictable.  That it is! But beware.  Viewer discretion is advised.

Now, on a much LIGHTER note, I was SO excited about THIS starting back THIS Sunday!!
Downton Abbey has me nearly speaking English after every episode!  Such a GREAT, clean show!!  I have my friend Leigh to thank for introducing me to this one!  Even Wayne watches it!  Must see TV!

And finally, I bought this a few weeks ago at the bookstore.
I mentioned in a previous post right after Christmas that I was ready for a new year and a new beginning and what better way to start than with a new devotional book?  I've also downloaded one of the "Jesus Calling" devotionals on my kindle and I'm enjoying that one, too.  If you are a Beth Moore fan, go to Amazon and download some of her books that are FREE right now!  I'm not sure how long they will be available at a zero price.

These are just a few of my favorite things right now.  How about you?  What are you into these days?  Thanks so much for stopping by and reading our blog.  

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  1. Scandal was my go to show at the gym during cardio until i got all caught up. Rats, now I need Season 3 to be on netfflix. maybe I need neck cream....