Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Wedded Bliss

We left late Friday night and headed to Sweet Home Alabama to celebrate Wayne's aunt and uncle's 50th wedding anniversary.  It was a long ride, peeps!  And if you know me, you know I'm not in to car rides.  And my back was bothering me that night, so it wasn't an enjoyable ride.  We made it to Meridian, Mississippi, the first night and then got up and drove the rest of the way Saturday morning. Car ride or not, I can't think of a sweeter couple that I would celebrate with on their anniversary! We love Aunt Peggy and Uncle Millard so much! They had a wonderful party with family and friends. Mirya out did herself with the planning and decorating!  Everything was perfect!

I didn't get any good pictures over the weekend, but here are a few!

The cake!  I'm not ashamed to admit I had two pieces!!  It was THAT good!

These two sweet girls could not get enough of each other!!  My mom took Alise to tumbling last week and she said that's all Alise talked about was getting to see her Cousin Katie in Alabama!  At the party, the girls played on the church's inside playground with Colton and never even stopped for a bite to eat the entire time!  All three of them were joined at the hip!

Colton and Katie stayed the night with us in the hotel.  They made rubberband bracelets until late and even made Colton some "magic" glow in the dark "wrist bands."

A new bar-be-que place opened last week in Cullman and we tried to get in Saturday night, but the wait was too long, so we went to The All State for a fancy-shmancy dinner and orange rolls to boot!  Mirya and I had both come down with a headache and what to our wondering eyes, we both pulled out of our purses the exact same migraine medicine!

On Sunday, Mirya's niece kept the kids while we finally made it inside the bar-be-que joint and ate WAY too much!!  I told Doug and Mirya that I never knew that Alabama was so proud of bar-be-que! My favorite at Jim N' Nicks was the macaroni and cheese!!  Soo yummy!!

Afterwards, we drove to Birmingham and spent the afternoon shopping at one of my favorite places, The Summit. Just when we were winding down, the babysitter called to say that Alise had a migraine and had thrown up so needless to say, that pretty much ended our fun-filled weekend.


  1. boo to those migraines!!!

  2. I get migraines and they are the worst!!! Looks like a good time though and I love me some BBQ!!!

  3. Glad to see y'all got home okay. Katie and Colton hated seeing Alise go. They can't hardly wait to see her again. Next time, I won't be so zonked. We are so happy that y'all got to come. I know Millard and Peggy appreciated it. They are still talking about it. We enjoyed getting to spend some time with y'all.

    Have a great week!