Monday, January 27, 2014

Team Broncos or Team Seahawks?

I'm torn.

I just don't know who to cheer for in the Super Bowl game!

Here's the deal.  Up until I read Kelly's blog a few weeks ago, I would have been Team Broncos all the way!  I like Payton Manning and the fact that he's from Louisiana and played for the SEC gives him plenty of running room in my book.

Having said that, PLEASE tell me you have seen this video:

Broke my heart.

I showed the video to Alise and we talked about it.  I told her that she can do anything she sets her mind to in life.  I told her that God can help her do those things that she wants to do.  We talked about kids with disabilities and then I hugged her and told her that I am so thankful she is a healthy little girl.

And then last week, I saw THIS on Twitter.  Go HERE to see the letter.

Those are the kinds of players that I call role models.  This story made me feel even better about Derrick Coleman!  He is such a hero in my book!

But I still wanna know whose CRAZY idea it was to have the Super Bowl game OUTSIDE in NEW JERSEY in FEBRUARY??

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  1. I think I'm going Broncos cause I liked them when Tebow was there. That being said, I love that commercial and the letters.