Monday, January 13, 2014

Parties & Bracelets

We had a very lOW, low, low, low key weekend and I loved every minute of it {Can't you just hear the apple-bottom jean song in your head?  Ha!}!!  I only got out of my pajamas for an hour on Saturday...just long enough to make myself presentable to pick Alise up from a slumber party that morning.  Then I was right back into wearing my glasses and pj bottoms!  I finished a book and started another one.  Wayne worked on the media room upstairs and I really can't remember what Alise did!  Ha!

Like I said, Friday night, she went to a slumber party for one of her best friends. I'll just go ahead and tell you that I don't just let Alise go off and spend the night with just anyone.  I'm very cognitive of what can happen at sleep overs and that scares me, but we have known the P's since Alise and K started pre-K4 at RO and so I felt comfortable about letting her stay.  Besides, it was a small party and it was all girls.  No boys or men to spoil the fun!  Here they are with their mustaches!
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While Alise was having fun, Wayne and I went out to eat and ran into some friends and their daughter celebrating her 18th birthday.  Madison shared her birthday cake with us and it was so darn yummy!!  We got to sample both layers, and the strawberry was my favorite!

On Sunday, we went to church and afterwards, we took Alise to Michael's so that she could go to the rainbow loom class they were offering for $5.  She LOVED it!! She got to meet Valerie and learned so much from her!  They made two bracelets in about an hour and a half.  When we came home, Alise was back at it!  Making bracelets for me and her Daddy!  I'm so glad she is finally getting the hang of it because she was so frustrated that her friends could make them and she couldn't {although I think her friends had some parental help!}.  Alise asked if she could go to another class and we said we would try to go again soon.  I plan to have her write a thank you note to Valerie.

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While Alise was having fun working on bracelets, Wayne and I had to kill two hours.  There was no way I was leaving my Baby in the store by herself, so we walked around Michael's for two hours so I hit up their dollar bins.  However, I'm sorry to disappoint, but Michael's dollar bins are now $1.50 bins!!  Ugh! But I was so excited to find these straws that I've been seeing on Pinterest! I stocked up for future events!  I also got some note cards and a much needed magnetic memo pad!  And remember my plan to work on the Christmas wreaths for my dining room chairs EARLY this year?  I found small red velvet bows for 19 cents each!  Score!!  My stash:

I forgot to mention that I threw together a little Downton Abbey tea party for the premiere.  Leigh came over to watch and even Wayne's a fan so we grazed on "tea food" while we watched the show {Alise grazed, too, but she was in our room watching another movie}.  If you've never watched before, you really, really, REALLY should!!  It is SUCH a GREAT show!!  And I have Leigh to thank for introducing me to it!  So.  For some crazy reason, Wayne wanted me to make cucumber sandwiches.  He hasn't had them in nineteen years since our wedding day.  I've never made them, so of course, I went straight to Pinterest.  Here's the recipe that I used, but I only made half.  I also made red velvet cake balls, pimento cheese sandwiches, some cookies, some punch and threw together some fruit. Leigh brought spinach dip.  I borrowed a lace tablecloth from my mom and decorated the coffee table with some purple tulle, violets, and a few rose bowls from my collection. I was excited about getting to use my wedding china for the party.  We had us a mighty fine little tea party if I do say so myself.  I think I would have even made the Dowager proud!  Ha!
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And speaking of Downton Abbey, this week's episode was so, so sad!  I had tears in my eyes when it ended.

I hope everyone has a good week! 

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