Thursday, January 09, 2014

Instagram Dump

The Christmas holidays flew by for us!  When Alise got out of school in the middle of December, January 7th seemed so far away then.  Well, it was here before we knew it!  Baby Girl had to go back to school on Tuesday.  She and I would have been perfectly happy staying in our pjs an extra day because it is OH-SO cold here!!  The temperature did not get above freezing on Monday and was still in the 30's on Tuesday!

Because of the cold weather, Bo has been staying inside and soaking up the warmth.  Of course, Alise loves having him inside.  She talks to him and reads her AR books to him.

We may have eaten a few pizzas via the pizza oven over the holidays!  My parents, my brother, and his kids came over one night and we all made our own personal pizzas for supper.

Wayne and I got a sitter one night and had a date night.  We bought the $3 refillable popcorn and $3 refillable drink cups.  For some reason, he was so excited about this!  I think he thinks he won't have to buy the kids meal anymore for Alise when we go to the movies, but little does he know that Alise likes her own popcorn and treat via the kids' meal.  I took her to see Frozen again, too, during the holidasy.  OH! And for you "Wicked" fans out there, did you know Idina Menzel was the voice of Elsa??  Makes me miss New York and Broadway!!

Speaking of movies, Alise discovered Star Wars over the holidays thanks to an all day marathon on Direct.  Oh. My. Goodness!  The child is in love with the characters!  She's watched 5 out of the 6 movies.  And what is really weird about this is that the third movie came out while I was pregnant with Alise.  I remember when Wayne and I went to see it, the sound was so loud that she got real active that night in my belly...just kicking and doing was like the louder the music got, the more active she was!  Well, guess which movie is her favorite?  The third one. Go figure.

She has also discovered Subway!  Bleh!!  I'm not wild about sandwich shops.  i mean, I really have to be in the mood for a sandwich.  She asked to go last week because she had never been before - I'm really not sure why.  It's not like we boycott Subway or anything, it's just not one of our go-to places to eat - and now she loves it!  Or maybe it was because she got a free Frozen baggy to go with her kids meal?

Alise had all A's again this 9 weeks!  So proud of her!  Ms. R says that she is doing great but that she likes to second guess herself.  How well do I know this!  I told Ms. R that it starts on Sunday night for us.  Alise knows signed papers come home on Mondays, so on Sundays at bed time, she starts wigging out over her grades and saying things like, "Mama, I don't think I did good on such-and-such test," but she always makes an A.  Ms. R did tell me that alot of the kids that normally make straight A's did not do so this nine weeks.  Third grade is tough, y'all!!

Life is good for the Horton's.  We're trying to get back into our routine this week and that's never any fun, but it's necessary in our world.  Hope you're able to get back into your routine, too!

I wanted to leave you with this link to Kelly's blog.  I think it's a great post for everyone, whether you are a Christian or not.  Enjoy!


  1. I did not know that Idina Menzel sang for Frozen. I love her and I love Wicked. I need some little girls again so I can see those princess movies :-)

  2. I'm glad y'all stayed warm. Shew!! The South and Deep South went through a horrible deep freeze this past week. We are still recovering from it. We are just so happy to see the 50s and 60s again. Yay!! We are suppose to have a beautiful weekend in the 60s as long as we can deal with the rain. {boo}

    Alise - we are so proud of you girlie! Straight As!!! I tell Katie all the time, with hard work comes great rewards. You know, when Katie brings home all good grade, we all go out for ICE CREAM!! Yes, even in the blustery cold. :) We love you and can't wait to see you in a few days.

    So glad to hear y'all had a wonderful break. It's nice just to keep the pjs on and take it easy every now and then.

    We'll be talking to ya. Take care and we'll be seeing you soon.

    Love y'all!