Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Feaux Sneaux Day!

So at 10:00 last night, I found out via watching the local news that Alise's school would be closed today.  Not soon after that, both mine and Wayne's cell phones rang simultaneously with a message from our school's headmaster that school was canceled. Our first official "Sneaux Day" for this school year!  I couldn't wait to tell Alise this morning that she was footloose and fancy free today {with the exception of studying for FOUR tests upon her return to school on Wednesday}. Unfortunately for me - I was still wide awake at 2AM - Baby Girl woke up at her usual time of 6:30 and so our Sneaux Day began!

I had to cook bacon at 6:30 on a Sneaux Day!  I would have much rather still been in my warm bed with the covers pulled over my head.  At 6:31, I had to hear all about how a friend mistreated Baby Girl during PE the day before.  In my delerium, I tried to make the conversation a teachable moment, but alas, I failed.  So at 6:35, the ipad games began and I had to listen to all the bells and whistles for the remainder of the day!  Heaven help me.  Alise spent alot of time on her ipad face-timing her friends.  I wish we had had face-time when I was in school!!

By 1:00 - with the sun shining and not a hint of a snow flake anywhere - I was going crazy being cooped up in the house, so Alise and I threw on some warm clothes and ran an errand.  I didn't even fix my hair!  On the way home and with the temperatures not even above freezing, we stopped at Sonic for an M&M Blast. Sometimes ya just gotta do whatcha gotta do!

I spent the remainder of the afternoon baking and finishing supper for our neighbor that lost her husband over the weekend and her family.  I baked some sugar cookies in the shape of footballs and hopefully tomorrow night I'll be able to decorate them with royal icing and carry them to work.  For our neighbors, I made ham, potato casserole, green bean bundles, rolls and a chocolate pie.  Whew!

So yea!  Today was a big, fat Feaux Sneaux Day!  

I just hesitated as I was about to push the 'publish' button.   Even though I'm kinda aggravated that our school jumped the gun about closing for the day {we were only suppose to get a "light dusting" anyway}, I am thankful for the PEACEFUL day I had with my daughter.  We lounged around in our pjs for most of the day and we got to spend some fun time together as well.  We were warm and happy.  And most of all, we were together.


  1. well...it's 80 out here so no snow day for us. rats!

  2. Yeah, I use to get aggravated for our schools getting out when there is no snow or maybe a dusting on the ground. That is until, I saw actual footage of a school bus flipped over on it's side trying to get kids home when school decided to close early because of the dusting. The snow turned into ice almost immediately after falling. Our southern roads are not prepared for ice. Now, I don't mind schools deciding to cancel even if you get nothing. Y'all stay warm and enjoy those PJ days. :)