Thursday, December 05, 2013

Twenty Days? Really?

What was I thinking??

I've been sitting on my laurels {no pun intended}, undoubtedly!

I never turn the TV on in the bedroom while I'm getting ready in the mornings, but I did today because I wanted to hear about the ice storm that could possibly be headed our way this weekend and because I have a really, really hot date Saturday night, I wanted to see if I needed to cancel the sitter {That was quite possibly the longest sentence I've ever written}.  Fortunately, for me and my really, really hot date, I don't think the ice and sleet will come our way - just some rain and really, really cold temps.  But my point to this really long paragraph now, is that the meteorologist said that there were only twenty days left until Christmas.


Oh my word!  I'm not finished with shopping OR decorating!!  And for the first time ever, I seriously considered not finishing to decorate the rest of the house {I think I'm having a little of the Christmas Blues}.  But then I read on Kelly's blog that next week for "Show Us Your Life," she will be having home tours on her blog and Instagram {hash tag #hollyjollyhometour} and I just KNEW that if I didn't at least have my house finished, that I would feel even worse than I already do about not having it finished.  Whew!  So tomorrow night, while Alise is at a slumber party and Mr. Horton is running an errand, I'm going to enjoy a nice glass of wine, a crackling fire, Christmas music, and I vow to finish my decorating!  

Yay me!

Go Laura!!

Yea, right.

We'll see.

So to make me feel better about the Christmas shopping part, I sat down in my office this morning and hastily ordered a few gifts online.  I sure hope my really, really hot date likes them!

And speaking of the weather, I walked across the street today to the cafeteria and the weather was still muggy and humid.  I kid you not, I was in the cafeteria fifteen minutes tops and when I walked outside to go back to my office, the temperature had dropped like twenty degrees!  It was the weirdest feeling.

So what is the deal with people and Christmas cards this year?  It's December 5th and I have yet to receive the first Christmas card!!  I remember last year that we didn't receive as many as the year before either.  But the year before that, we were getting cards the day after Thanksgiving!!  I read somewhere that some people are deciding not to send Christmas cards because they can now keep up with their family and friends via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  They have a point, but by golly I want my Christmas cards!!  I want to hang them from the lighted garland on our stairway this year!  Our family Christmas cards will be here by this weekend and I fully intend to work on those suckers until I have them all addressed and ready for mailing first thing, bright and early, on Monday morning.

Anybody know what a stamp costs these days?

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