Monday, December 30, 2013

The Holidays Continue

The house is looking pretty bare since Alise and I took the Christmas decorations down on Saturday.  I haven't even put back our "normal" things because I'm waiting for the maid to come on Friday to give everything a good cleaning.  The GOOD news is that we're still getting Christmas cards!  Ha!  I won't name any names.  And the truth is that the garland on the stairs is the only Christmas decor that still remains.  I just don't have the heart to part with it yet!  I took this picture Christmas Eve.
Wayne has a duck hunting friend that works in North Dakota and we usually try to go out to dinner with them while they're here during the holidays.  On Saturday night, Alise stayed with my parents and we met them at The Warehouse for dinner and to catch up.  Georgette had been sick a few weeks earlier with the flu and you could tell that she still wasn't feeling great so we cut the evening short.  She and Randy were flying out on Sunday to go to Bora Bora.  Can you say jealous?  Here we are with her sweet daughter.
We spent a quiet day at home on Sunday.  Wayne went to visit a friend of his in the hospital on Sunday morning.  I stayed in the lobby and read because we had a Walmart trip planned after his visit.  The visit made me sad and think of my late father-in-law because it was the same hospital he had been in when he was sick.  I miss him so much.  He would have loved our little girl.

Next Monday, I plan to resume my menu planning!  I'm kinda excited about it! I'm ready to find some new comfort food recipes for winter!  And remember how I use to brag about grocery shopping with a list and menu?  It's a MUST, peeps, because when we went to Walmart on Sunday, we didn't have a list or menu and we spent $182 on FOOD, peeps!  Has anyone else besides me noticed the price of ground beef??  Good grief!  It's outrageous!  Nearly $5 bucks for one pound of ground beef!!  Cray-zee!!

I'm working today and a half day tomorrow then I'm off until Alise goes back to school on January 7th!  I can't wait!!  I'm really looking forward to spending some time with Baby Girl!  Oh!  And getting my driver's license renewed!  I've GOT to do that while I'm off, too!

Hope you have a Happy Monday!

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