Friday, December 06, 2013

My Thoughts On The Heisman

It's Friday and I've got my panties in a wad over this whole Heisman thing.

Well, let me back up.

I've been upset with the Heisman thing since Cam Newton {aka "Scam Newton"} won a few years ago {he's not worth my time to go back and research as to what year he actually won, but I know it was after Mark Ingram}.

It blows my mind that voters would still vote for someone that comes with an INKLING of baggage!  And with baggage, I mean being "paid to play" {as in the case of Scam Newton} or, as in the case of Jameis Winston, nearly accused of rape. Why would you want to award such a prestigious honor to a player with a blemish?

Now, I'm not exactly sure WHO votes for the Heisman.  I know it's media and past recipients of the award.  Throw out the media.  They just make the whole thing ten times worse than it has to be, but say you had won the Heisman 20 years ago.  You went to college and you were the best football player out there.  Say you played by the rules, you kept your nose clean, and you took toys to kids on Christmas Eve.  Please, please, please make me understand WHY you would vote for someone who has been tarnished with an infidelity.  I really want to understand this.

Sure, he may be the best running back or quarterback or full back that ever lived but there is that thing called reasonable doubt.  What happened to integrity and character?  Somehow, the Heisman voters have forgotten about those two things.  Winning the award shouldn't just be about being the best football player, but it should be about how you played the game.  Did you play by the rules?  Did you keep a spotless reputation?

And that's why I had a problem with Scam Newton winning the Heisman and it's also why I have a problem with voters if they vote for Jameis Winston this year. Sure, those guys may have done nothing wrong.  Cam may not have taken the money; Jameis may not have raped that girl, only God knows, but the problem I have with it is that they put themselves in that kind of situation.  Players deserving of the Heisman should never put themselves in those kinds of situations.  Period.  And this is why I have my cardinal rule: if you screw up, then you don't play again.  There are too many other players just waiting for an opportunity.

Winning the Heisman is a PRIVILEGE.  Not a right.