Tuesday, December 17, 2013

My Sweet Christmas Elf

Alise had her Christmas program Monday night at school.  She and some of her besties were elves!  She was SO excited about this because they got to sing AND dance!  The performance was all she has been talking about for weeks and she did a GREAT job!  So proud of my little elf!

This is a picture of the elves on stage dancing.  Alise is the second one from the right.

And just for the record, I want you to know that I was not trying to play Minnie Pearl in this picture.  Ha!  That is not a price tag on my scarf.  It is a tag, but not the price tag.  Oh, well.
The garland on the staircase is beginning to fill up with lots and lots of Christmas cards and it makes me happy, happy, happy!
Alise's Christmas party is tomorrow at school and then they are out for the holidays!!  Woo hoo!!  Here she is working on her goody bags for the party.

I bought the goody bags and toppers from Etsy.  I thought they turned out so cute!  Whoppers!  Wayne had a good eye when he spotted the bigger, red whoppers while we were shopping in Vicksburg this past weekend.
So I told you on Sunday that I was trying this soup for supper.  Four stars, peeps!  Delish!  And it definitely had a kick to it with the crushed red pepper!! I'd go easy on the red pepper if you don't like spicy foods!  I will admit that I got a little lazy though, and didn't do the "cheese layer."  Alise and I just sprinkled parmesan and mozzarella cheese on top and we were good to go. And, as most soups, it made a ton, so I will probably have to end up freezing the rest of it!  Also, it was a thicker, heartier soup, so if you like your soup "soupy" you may want to add more broth or tomatoes (I blended mine in the blender because I don't like big chunks of tomatoes).

My goal this week is to finish Christmas shopping so that we can relax this weekend and I can get down to some baking.  I haven't baked a single thing this season - with the exception of some slice-and-bake cookies - and that is so unlike me!  I've got to get busy!! 


  1. LOVE those goody bag treats!! If only Sofia could bring to school. UGH

  2. Alise is a cute little elf! It was dress like an Elf Day at Carter's school --- I love those theme days! The goodie bags are so cute! I better figure out if I am going to do something this year...only a couple of nights left to get it figured out. I might just make it easy and send a box of candy canes.