Monday, December 09, 2013

Fifteen Days?? Really?!

Just consider me your personal countdowner to Christmas!

Dick Clark nor Ryan Seacrest have anything on me!

But seriously!  Gosh, y'all!  Fifteen days??  I'm still ordering gifts on line!!

As soon as I finished my last post, I emailed H, who was getting ready to graduate from college this past weekend (obviously, this whole idea I had happened last week).  Gosh, am I feeling old!!  Here's what I said:

               "Hi H!!  I know you are so busy this weekend, but I wanted to send you an idea I have before I forget.  I've seen some "Mr." & "Mrs." pillows on Etsy and I would love, love for you to make them for me. Haven't really decided on a style yet, but probably in white.I've seen all your beautiful pillows and would mean so much to me to have you make them.  No rush at all.  They are not for Christmas or anything, just something I saw a while back and want to have done.  If you're not interested, that's fine.  No biggie.  Congratulations and good luck this weekend!
              Sooo proud of you!! - Laura

And here's what she said:

             "Hey, Laura!!  Yes, I can definitely do something for you!  We can't really talk price until we pinpoint size and materials but send me some pics of what you like and maybe the sizes you prefer!  It may be after Christmas when I get to them though.  And thank you!!  I've seen what you are talking about and they are very cute!!

Made my day, y'all!!  I am tickled to death to have my flower girl making these for me!

Christmas cards are in the mail!!  I worked hot and heavy on them this weekend and was able to mail them Monday.  So thankful that our post office was open half a day Saturday so that I could run in and get stamps.  It's no fun waiting in the post office line, peeps, and fortunately for me, the place was empty Saturday morning while I was there.

I forgot to mention last week, that our friends, Clay and Lauren, had their Baby Boy last week!  He is precious and oh-so tiny!!  So this weekend, I made a double batch of chicken and dumplings to share and I made Clay a banana pudding and Alise and I took it to their house for a short visit.  Big Sister, Eva, is super excited about her new baby brother!

The Christmas holidays are in full swing and our calendar is filling up fast!!  I was finally able to finish decorating, but the Christmas shopping is another story.  The only thing that didn't get done this year is the chandelier over the island, but oh, well.  There's always next year!

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  1. I'm still shopping for Sofia too! It's too hard to buy for her!