Monday, December 23, 2013

A Surprise Christmas Visit

We had a special surprise Christmas visit from our friends in Tuscaloosa this weekend!  Robbie and Angie are closing on their house here today so they came in yesterday and spent the night.  We had a really great visit!  We miss them so much, even if they are Auburn fans!  Alise was beside herself when she opened the door and saw her best friend smiling at her!  I didn't tell her they were coming because I wanted her to be surprised and she was...VERY!! She was jumping around and screaming, "Maddie!  Maddie!"

Unfortunately, the Horton's had to work today and the Henslee's have to sign some papers so we said our good-bye's this morning.

I made two new recipes over the weekend.  One a Pinterest flop and another that I knew would turn out well because I had it at another Christmas party. Don't bother with making Overnight French Toast Souffle.  What is the deal with me and breakfast pins??  Nothing I've tried on Pinterest related to breakfast has been good.  Now, it smelled good while it was cooking in the oven, but I didn't care for it.  Won't be making that one again.  And to think I wasted SIX eggs on that!!  The other recipe was Southern Living's Red Velvet Swirl Pound Cake.   PERFECT for Christmas!!

Well, our stockings aren't quite hung yet, but the Christmas cards are and they bring a huge smile to my face when I look at the staircase.  SO glad I decided to line them on the garland this year.  I think this will be a new tradition of ours!
I'm taking a blog break until after the new year but I want to say that I hope you have a VERY Merry Christmas and Happy, Happy, Happy New Year!!

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