Tuesday, November 05, 2013


I was SO excited to have a lunch date with my man today!  
This is going on his second week of vacay {no fair!} and today we had plans to meet with a travel agent about our 20th wedding anniversary trip to Hawaii!! I am SO stinkin' excited, y'all!!  If any of you have ever been to Hawaii, please, please leave me a comment or send me an email about what to do, the best places to go and eat, etc.  Today's visit with the travel agent was mostly to get brochures, find out what our expectations were, what we think we might want to do, how long we might want to stay, etc., etc. We are still clueless at this point {and a little overwhelmed} but we've got plenty of time!

Remember our October bucket list?  Go HERE to see how we did.  Not too shabby, but I'm a little disappointed that we didn't get more done.  My whole idea with the Thanksgiving Tree has bit the dust, because even though I'm ashamed to admit it, I'm ready to start decorating for Christmas!  I was texting a friend last night and I told her that I'm ready for the lights of the tree and a warm, crackling fire.  I plan on putting our tree up next weekend, but it will be a few weeks before we turn on the lights.

You've probably noticed that I haven't been complaining about Alise's grades lately.  And that's because Baby Girl is doing SO much better this nine weeks!  Her lowest grade in any subject is a 96.  THIS is my smart Baby Girl that I know and love!  We've even slacked off on the studying a little bit, but not too much.  Ha!  Suffice is to say that I no longer have to drag out the white board for homework and studying so life is good again.

I'm working on my game day menu for this weekend! We're still rolling with the idea of a pizza bar for the main attraction, but I'm trying to come up with a few new dips and sweets because having friends over is the best time to try out new recipes.  Looky what I found!
Rammer Jammer Dip  - 6 oz. cream cheese 12 oz. black beans 12 oz. Rotel 6 oz. shredded cheddar cheese Directions:Preheat oven to 300 degrees. Press cream cheese firmly into the bottom of an oven safe dish. Mix the Rotel and black beans together with even parts and drain all juices. Spread evenly over the layer of cream cheese. Cover the Rotel and beans with shredded cheddar cheese. bake dish for 30 minutes or when all cheese is melted. Serve with tortilla chips.
{I realize the link says Razorback Layer Dip, but when I found the pin on Pinterest, it said "Rammer Jammer Dip."  Honest. And I don't normally like black beans so I wonder what this would taste like with refried beans??}

Now, I know some of you would have a hard time believing that when I tell our LSWho friends what this is, they will refuse to eat it.  Just the name of something identified with Bama sends them over the edge.  It's a shame.  Looks like they'll be missing out on a great dip!  I'll be sharing some more game day plans a little later in the week.


  1. Which island? We've been to Kauai and Maui. I have my favorite but I'll wait to say!

  2. Love the pic of you and the Hubs! Also we went to Maui for our 1 year anniversary and loved it!! I can def give you some recommendations! That dip looks delish!