Sunday, November 03, 2013

Menu Plan Monday ~ November 4th

Hello Menu Plan Monday!
I hope your HALLOWEEN week was WONDERFUL!!

Here's a pic of my Baby Girl.  She's the best blonde Wonder Woman I've ever seen!  This was the night of her school's annual Pumpkins on Parade and that was her Minion Pumpkin.  She won second place in her class!  So proud to be her Mama even if third grade homework is killing me!

If you've been visiting my blog for very long from Orgjunkie, then you know that I usually do like to "recap" the previous week and post how well I did with my menu planning.  But since our week was so slammed with Halloween activties last week, I'm not even going to bother!  Suffice is to say that we didn't starve, but there weren't any gourmet meals at our house last week, either!  Ha! 

Here's this week's menu:
Easy Pepper Steak
Brown Rice


Daddy cooks: Breakfast

Brick oven pizzas

Bama v. LSU Party

Out Of Town

Dessert for the Week:
   Pecan Pie Bars

Two HFF's on the menu this week! If you haven't tried the Easy Pepper Steak or the General TSO's chicken, then you are missing out!  Those are two easy and delish meals!! As for dessert this week, I finally gave up on the Snickers Apple Pie.  I had it on the menu for about three weeks and just never got around to trying it.  Mr. Horton loves pecan pie, so I thought I would try something new this week!


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  1. Good Morning, visiting from MPM! have a great week!