Monday, November 04, 2013

Halloween Week

Here are some pics from our busy, busy Halloween week!  Pumpkins on Parade at Alise's school, her class Halloween party, and trick-or-treating with friends.

Alise won second place in her class for her Minion pumpkin.  She was SO excited!

Playing the part of the "Mummy" on a team relay to see who could wrap the mummy in toilet paper the fastest.  Her team won!

This last picture will certainly be used for blackmail come softball season!  Ha!  This is Alise's coach dressed up as Elvis.  I have never laughed so hard in my life!!  Sideburns and chest hair included!!  He got lots of attention Halloween night while we were trick-or-treating!!

Soooo proud of our school's varisty and JV cheer squads!  They won FIRST PLACE and OVERALL at State competition last week! They have worked SO hard for this!  K's mom texted me this pic last week. That's K on top of the stunt holding the trophy.

And speaking of Big Sis news, last Friday was the Big/Little Sis gift exchange at the final pep rally.  K gave Alise a terry cloth wrap with her name and school logo monogrammed on the front {she wears it every. single. day. after she takes a shower}, poms, a mega phone, and a sweet scrapbook of all their pep rally pics.  Needless to say, she's been cheering all weekend around the house! Friday was a little bittersweet for Alise.  After some Sister time and gift exchange, K said good-bye and walked off to take pics with her friends.  I looked down at Alise and she had the hugest {is that even a word?} tears in her eyes.  I immediately asked what was wrong - thinking that something had happened during the pep rally - and she said, "I'm going to miss K.  I'm never going to see her again."  So I had to reassure her that K didn't graduate until next May so she would still see her at school and she would certainly be babysitting again for us in the future.  Drama.  Here's the final Big/Little Sis pose.
So we tried out my pizza bar idea Friday night with our church's college group!  And guess what!  It worked!!  We made 14 pizzas in the pizza oven that night, along with lots and lots of s'mores!  The kids went through a six pound bag of mozzarella cheese, if you can believe that, and much to our surprise, the jalapeno peppers were a hit!  Who knew?  And another thing I realized.  I can't hang with college kids!!  They did not leave our house until after midnight!  Wayne and I were eating burgers at Waffle House at once o'clock Saturday morning!!  Thank goodness for that extra hour of sleep this weekend!

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  1. Tons of fun! I'm happy to have a "normal" week at our house and school this week!