Monday, October 07, 2013

The Baby Shower That Got Hit By A Monsoon

This weekend, some softball moms and I blessed our sweet coach and his wife with a baby shower.
Y'all.  I was SOOOO proud of myself!  I made all the shower decorations!!  Of course, I had some help from Mini Me - who absolutely loved getting to craft and help decorate!  Alise felt so important telling me how to space things and how to write on the chalkboard.  Ha!  Can you say, bossy?  She gets it honestly, what can I say?
Yea, I had planned to do one of those great blog posts and show you how, what, where, and why, but the monsoon of 2013 came through just as the shower was starting and the decorations were completely ruined.  I was sick.  Absolutely sick!  We had to move everything inside and of course, this would be the party that we had the most peeps in our house ever and so we were packed inside like drowned rats!  Not too fun.

Well, I should point out that this was a couples shower and kids were invited.  Of course the chillren were running around outside in the rain, the guys were huddled under the cook shack sampling the meat and all us girls were inside breathing in the air conditioning.  I told Lauren, so much for deciding on a date four months in advance!  So much for my cool, Fall evening for a nice baby shower.  I was just disappointed.

Here's more pics!
You are  not seeing double!  We had a set of twin girls at the shower.  And guess what!  Their mom is pregnant with another set of twin girls!  She's due just a few weeks after Lauren!
Here's a dip Cammie made that was GREAT for our football/wear-your-favorite-team-shirt party theme!
Lauren and her dad and Sister.  Her Sister just got engaged!
And your hostesses with the mostesses and the guest of honor!  By the way, remember the Bama dress I wore in Dallas a few weeks ago?  You're looking at the top of it!  One day maybe I'll be brave enough to wear it without a t-shirt underneath!  Love that dress!
And the hostesses with the mostesses and their other halves!  As always, LSU was well represented at the party.  Clay had Mississippi State on, by the way! 

We had a good ol' fashion Southern style barbeque! Wayne smoked some Boston butts. We had pulled pork, sausage, baked beans, potato salad, my favorite romaine salad, and hot dogs and mac and cheese for the kiddos.

I bought some pumpkins and decorated the kitchen island {at the time I wasn't planning on having to use the island for the shower.  However, Mother Nature had other plans!}.  Here's a peek:

Can you tell which pumpkin is fake?  

I made this pin for dessert and let me just say: you need to make this as soon as possible!!  It was a HUGE hit!  The guys absolutely loved it!!  I served it with strawberries, animal crackers, and vanilla wafers. It was so darn good, I'm making it a Horton Family Favorite!!

This cheese ball is so versatile!  You can use jimmies for whatever holiday or season!  I'll be making this again within the next few weeks for more parties! Yummy, yummy, yummy!

Even with the monsoon {and the mosquitos in our house}, the shower was great!  It was fun getting to see our ball friends again and to meet new people. We love having shindigs at the Rammer Jammer House!

If you're keeping count, this completes #3 & #4 of our October Bucket List!  Yay me!!


  1. I bet everyone had fun, despite the rain. Your island is beautiful with all the pumpkins :-)

  2. I love the team idea for a couples shower. Looks like everything went great even with the rain.

    Your island decorations are beautiful! I still need to decorate for Fall. I was planning on it this weekend but Landry's birthday and party just wiped me out!

  3. Boo to the rain but YAY to what looks like a super fun event! Super cute dress!