Monday, October 14, 2013

Menu Plan Monday ~ October 14th

Thanks for joining me for another week of Menu Plan Monday!

Christy Jordan is one of my favorite cooks.  Her latest cookbook, Come Home to Supper, is on my Christmas list {And I really, really, really want it, too, Santa Baby!}.  Her recipes are so easy to prepare and the ingredients she uses are things that I normally already have on hand {and that means no extra trips to the grocery store so I really like that!}.  Last week, Christy posted a GREAT read on her blog about menu planning and grocery shopping.  Go read her post HERE {I hope this link works}!  It really encouraged me to keep going with this menu planning thing!

Here was last week's menu:
Popcorn Chicken   {CHECK}
French Fries

Sloppy Joes  {CHECK}

Smothered Pork chops  Fried Pork Chops
Mashed potatoes  Scalloped Potatoes
green bean bundles  Baked Beans

Chili   {CHECK}

Out of Town   Party Pizzas

Out of Town

Out of Town

Desserts for the Week:
Reese's Mini Cheesecakes    Didn't happen!

Here's this week's menu:
Daddy cooks:  Grilled Shrimp
Baked Potatoes
Ceasar salad

Cheese Quesadillas

Crawfish Ettouffe'
French bread

Family Night/ Mom's Night Off/Eat Out {'Nuff said}

French Bread

Miranda Lambert's Mom's Meatloaf
Smashed Potatoes

Desserts for the Week:
Reese's Mini Cheesecakes  {Because they didn't happen last week!}

We are some carb eating Cajuns this week, Peeps!

Lots of hearty meals back on the menu this week!
After eating a week out of the freezer the week before, I know some Horton peeps that are happy about this menu!
Even though I personally think Crawfish Ettouffe is TOTALLY out of season, Wayne is really requesting it!
I'm excited about the new recipe, Cajun Chicken Pasta!  I order this nearly every. single. time. we go to Red Lobster.  This isn't suppose to be a knock-off recipe, but I'm sure it will still be delish!

So what's cooking in your kitchen this week?

Need help deciding?  Then stop over and visit OrgJunkie for some A-mazing meal plans and recipes!

Or you can visit my Horton Family Favorites Board on Pinterest HERE.

Have a TASTY week!

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