Wednesday, October 09, 2013

I Have No Title For This Post

Imagine my surprise on Monday when I was going through Alise's backpack and saw this sweet note from Mrs. R, her homeroom teacher.  Yes, Alise did get a new classmate last week and while we were studying that night, she said, "Ya know, Mom?  I'm going to make F {the new student} a card and get everyone to sign it.  I bet that will make him feel better."  My quick response was, "You ain't doing nothing 'til we finish studying!"  Ha!  But I DID actually let her stay up a few minutes later to finish the card.  It really was cute!

I am so proud of her and the little woman she is becoming.  All of a sudden, she seems so much more aware of other people's feelings as well as her own.   We talk about others who bully and make fun of people.  This is new territory for us...the drama of growing up and being a little girl!

Here are the "Sisters!"

It was the "Pink Out" pep rally for Breast Cancer Awareness {Don't ask me why Alise has a bandana around her head.  It gives me flashbacks of the old Olivia Newton-John video, "Physical!"  Ha!  And yes, that is pink hair spray in her hair!  Thank you so much, Ms. R!!  Alise STILL has a pink scalp!!}.

Speaking of Alise and feelings, I think she's gone a little crazy over K.  Last week, was cheer camp and K was coaching the first graders and Alise saw her picking up some of the girls in K's group and she got jealous. Then, at the pep rally, K took some pictures with a few of the first graders and Alise wasn't happy. Go figure.  She is so much like me that it's pathetic!  The poor thing gives with all her heart and when things don't work out like she wants them to, she's left hurt and devastated.  I've tried to explain to Alise that K has a pretty big job to do as cheer captain to make everyone feel special and that when she keeps hugging on her all the time and getting jealous, it makes K's job harder.  I'm grasping at straws, Peeps!

One more thing down on our October Bucket List!  I ordered Alise's costume Monday night!  As long as it fits, she will be Wonder Woman this year.  I'm going to try and remember to ask my mom to find a pic of me in my WW costume all those many "Hollowed Moons" ago and compare.  Get ready to crack up!  I also started working on our "family project."  I started it, but Alise will pretty much be responsible for finishing it up!  Can't wait to show it to you.

My plans to visit our friends in Tuscaloosa this weekend didn't work out, so to cheer me up, Wayne is taking Alise and I to Dallas!  We plan to reward Alise by taking her to the American Girl Store but, shhh! It's a secret!  We're not telling her until we get there.  I'm dying to see her face!  There are no "cheap seats" left to see The Lion King, so we might just opt for the Texas State Fair instead.

One more thing.  Michael Bolton is coming to our area in December.  A much younger mom of a boy in Alise's class went to see Hall & Oates this summer and had posted pics on FB.  It was her birthday present.  So on one of her pics, I said something like, you're too young to even know who Hall & Oates is, blah, blah, blah and it kinda went back and forth.  Well, at the pep rally on Friday I said, "We need to go see Michael Bolton!"  And she said, "Really?  Where?"  I told her where and then said, "You're much to young to know who Michael Bolton is," and do you know what she said to me?

"Oh yeah!  I know who Michael Bolton is.  My mom and dad have all his cassettes."

Have a good Wednesday, Peeps!


  1. Cassettes! Love it!! Yay for Dallas and the AG store! It was so fun the first time I surprised Sofia with a visit!! Have fun!

  2. Your trip to Dallas sounds like so much fun! I am excited for the day when Landry is old enough (and responsible enough) to get an American Girl doll. We have walked through the store when she was really little and she squealed she was so happy with all the pink and dolls! It will be so much fun.

    Alise is such a sweet girl to do something so sweet for her new classmate.