Sunday, September 01, 2013

Menu Plan Monday ~ September 2nd

Hello Friends and welcome to The Horton Family Blog!!

I hope you and your family have had a wonderful TASTY 3-day VACAY!!

 I'm teaming up with Laura, the OrgJunkie for another week of MENU PLAN MONDAY!!

Do you know what I love so much about MPM?

I LOVE getting to visit all the neat blogs that link up! 
 Because that's where I get my inspiration and ideas for new recipes!

After visiting alot of the blogs, there are TWO things that I know for sure:  Tuesday nights are for Mexican and Thursday nights are for Italian!!  Haha!!  Have you noticed that too??

I don't know about you, but sometimes I get so mad at Pinterest!!
Have any of you had problems with LOOSING your pins??

And nothing burns me up more {no pun intended} than to try a recipe, love it, and then I can't find it again on my boards!

Sorry, just a little VENTING {aka "ranting"} going on this fine Monday!

So let's see how I did!  Here is last week's menu:

Shrimp Jambalaya & garlic bread  {CHECK}

Tostadas with all the trimmings  {Open House @ school so it was Micky D's}
Taco Rice

Pioneer Woman's Comfort Meatballs & Cheese grits
Lady peas   {CHECK}

BLTs and chips  {Popcorn chicken and mac n cheese}

Out to eat!  Yay!

Stay-At-Home Date Night!  Steak, baked potatoes, & salad  {Game Day/Tailgating Food!  Roll Tide!!}

Spaghetti, green bean bundles, salad & garlic bread  {CHECK}

Desserts for the Week:
Better Than Sex Cake {CHECK}
Sugar Cookies

So what do you think?

Eh?  Not too good in my opinion, but last week was a VERY busy week.  Alise had SEVEN tests and Mr. Horton was trying to finish the pizza oven {which he DID by the way}.  Our cousins from Alabama decided to visit for the long weekend.  It was all I could do to stay on top of a WW costume, homework, and washing clothes.

But just an FYI, I nearly ate the entire cake by. my. self. last week!!  Who needs a freakin' menu??

I wanted to share a little secret with you about how to cook bacon.  I found a pin one day that talked about frying bacon in the oven.  And then I remembered a few years ago when we went to visit Aunt Peggy in Alabama {ROLL TIDE!}, she cooked her bacon in the oven, too, and I said I was going to try it, but I never did.  Until about a month ago.  Now I live and breath cooking bacon in the oven.  
Try it. 
You'll never go back to the old way.

Just my little tidbit for the day.

Also, I just wanted to mention, that I see a trend to my planning.  Thursdays seem to either be a really "easy" meal or leftovers.  I think that's going to be a hard habit of mine to break!  I do so well at the beginning of the week, but by the end of the week and with all the activities and studying and tests being on Friday, whell....I just don't see that pattern changing any time soon.

Here is what I spent this week.  Yay me!

I'm really starting to enjoy this!
Not necessarily the trips to the grocery store, but it's like a game now to see how little I can spend.

So here is this week's menu:
Open Face beef stroganoff sandwiches

Taco Soup

Daddy cooks: Pancake dippers


Eat out!  Yay!

At home date night - steak, baked potato, & salad

Miranda Lambert's Mom's Meatloaf
Crockpot mashed potatoes
Fried okra

Desserts for the Week:
Lemon Ice Box Pie

I told you I would let you know the results of the Angel Chicken tasting.  So Leigh was the first one to tell me that she was making the ANGEL CHICKEN.  She said her house smelled so good and I was so jealous!  Her family liked it.  Then, Angie tried it on Wednesday night and she said her family liked it.  I guess that's a winner, peeps!

Have a TASTY week!


  1. Omg that meatloaf recipe is amazing!! I made it a few weeks ago and have it down to post in my blog :) the Hubby loved it!!

  2. It's been very humid this weekend, in Vegas. Yuck. I'm just going to stay in, watch some QVC and catch up on housework.
    Everything sounds so delicious.
    I hope you had a wonderful Labor Day weekend.