Sunday, September 15, 2013

Menu Plan Monday ~ September 16

It's the middle of September!  
How did we get here?
Ok.  I have a confession to make.
Well, ok.  Maybe two.

I don't get the whole pumpkin thing.
And I don't get the quinoa thing.

I mean, is quinoa like rice or something?
I would never even know what risotto was if it wasn't for Chef Gordon Ramsey.

And I'm talking about all these desserts and things made with "a can of pumpkin."
I'm sorry.  But until you prove me wrong, I'll pass.
Pumpkins are for Halloween and Fall decorating.

Just give me chocolate instead.

Here's last weeks menu:
Lasagna, black eyed peas, salad, & garlic bread  {CHECK}

Mexican cheese quesadillas & salsa {CHECK}

Coca-Cola Pork chops, cheesy rice, & green bean bundles  {CHECK}

Stir Fry out of a bag  {CHECK}

Southern Plates Sloppy Joes and French Fries

Grilled Shrimp
Cracker Barrel's hash brown casserole, salad

Slow Cooker Bacon Wrapped Apple BBQ Chicken
 leftover hash brown casserole
baked beans

Desserts for the Week:
Pioneer Woman's Apple Dumplings  {CHECK}

{I gave you several links last week for recipes and they may not all be showing here, so you may want to check last week's post HERE.}

Ok.  So I may have gotten a little lazy this weekend.  Suffice is to say that we didn't starve.

And here was my grocery bill!  Back out about $23 and I only spent $88 for the week!  Cha-ching!!

And I just may have had the cutest eight year old helping me.  She likes to "organize" my buggy!

This week's family favorite was the Apple Dumplings!

Oh my goodness, y'all!  Make these babies!!  They are SO easy and SOO stinking good!  Perfect with some ice cream on the side!  And Ree is right!  The sauce is amazing!!   Try them this week!!

If you are in a Fall funk and Pinterest and other blogs aren't doing it for you for menu planning, you might want to go HERE.  203 recipes for Fall to pique your interests.  There is definitely something on that list for everyone!

My family is driving me crazy over freakin' TACOS!!  It's crazy!!
They have been begging me to put them on the menu for like two weeks!  I'm like, ugh {pouty face}! 

 I. am. so. sick. of. tacos.

You know we're like Itali-exican, right?

I mean, that was the whole purpose of this menu planning was to get out of the rut of the same ol', same ol'.  Taco shmaco!!

But what did I do??

I caved.

Here's this week's menu:


Hamburger sliders & French Fries

Out of town!  Yay!

Still out of town!  Yay! Yay!


Desserts for the Week:
Heath Bar Cookies

We are some beef eating FOOLS this week!
Oh well!  Sometimes that's just the way it works out!

Hope you have a TASTY week!
{Even IF you're not having Tacos!!}

For more menu ideas, check out The Orgjunkie's Blog HERE!

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  1. Have you seen that pin for baked chicken tacos? those are coming up on our menu soon I think! Girl - did you almost die during that game on Saturday or what???