Monday, September 02, 2013

All Things Duck Dynasty

When Mr. Horton and I go out of town and by chance someone asks us where we're from, the first thing they ask about is Duck Dynasty.

Is the headquarters really like it is on TV?  Have we ever met any of the DD family?  Do they really act like that in "real life"?  Last Christmas, we went to visit family in Alabama {ROLL TIDE!!} and they were so curious about the show to the point that it was hilarious!

Perhaps the most infamous question, though, is: Do we really have alligators in our backyard?

The answer: NO!!

But back to DD.

What you see on the show as far as scenery and the DD Headquarters, is really the way it is, folks.  Sorry to disappoint.  But other than making our town look really, really picture perfect, the Duck Commander headquarters really does look like it does on TV.
 I may have cut the "D" out of this picture.  The sun was in the kids' eyes.

They now have a trinket shop in the headquarters so you can get your Si tea glasses, Phil's "Happy Happy Happy" t-shirt and a bobble head of Willie.  But now that they have a contract with Walmart, you may not have to travel all the way to Louisiana to get your DD memorabilia fix.  As for the houses {or in Phil and Kay's case, "trailer"} pictured on the show, I honestly can't say.  I've heard rumors that those are not their real houses.

As for sightings, I actually had a college class with Willie.  Don't bother asking him about it, because he won't remember and of course, it was the pre-beard days.  All I can tell you is that he was quiet and kept to himself.  We never spoke.

Mr. Horton actually met Phil, Willie, and Jase at the Ducks Unlimited Festival in Memphis years ago.  It was long before they were famous and trying to make a dollar on their duck hunting videos.  I'm talking VHS, peeps.  

Mr. Horton was a DD fan before being a DD fan was cool.

Phil also came and spoke one Sunday at our church.  I do not doubt his love for faith, family and ducks one iota.  He is the real deal.  

Angie and I ran into Jep and his wife at our Jr. League's Spring Market about two years ago.  They were looking at scalloped wooden picture frames.

It's all in the details, peeps.

And just for the record, I saw them first!

But having said all that, my favorite "sighting" was with Ms. Kay.  She was signing books at a local home furnishings store last Christmas.  Angie and I, with our girls, stood in line for about 30 minutes to meet her.  She was very sweet to us and Phil is right!  She likes to talk!  She told us about Phil catching up with Terry Bradshaw in an airport in California.  If you don't know the story between Phil and Terry, you should google it because it's a great story!

And just for the record {again!} the lady standing beside Ms. Kay is Alan's - the "no beard brother's" -wife.  She was very nice, too.  Ms. Kay was beautiful, by the way and very much in the Christmas spirit!

A local bakery is doing Duck Dynasty cupcakes!
Sorry.  I can't turn the picture around so you'll just have to turn your computer screen.  Ha!  They look too good to eat!  What do you think?

Also, a sno cone business has just come out with a new flavor: Ducky Dynasty.  We haven't tried it yet.

But what I really, really want to share with you is Sadie and her friend, Kolby, are starting a YouTube channel titled, "I am Different."  It feels like it will be promoting self worth based on Christian values for younger girls.  I am having Alise watch the video tonight.  You can like Sadie and Kolby's, "I am Different" Facebook page, and I included their very first video here for you to watch.  Click HERE for a great article about Sadie, the videos, and her up and coming clothing line as well.  God is doing great things in her life!


  1. This is so cool and I am excited to watch Sadie's youtube show. It looks like it will really be a good thing for young kids!

    I am such a huge fan of Duck Dynasty :)

    Thanks for sharing with us at Tell Us Tuesday this week - it's lovely to keep up with your blog!

  2. Love this post and the DD crew as well. My brother (big time hunter) has been watch Phil's VHS videos for SO long. He actually won a trip to go hunting with them long, long ago! So he got to meet Phil and the whole crew at the time. So nice to hear they are still pretty "real!"

    And ROll Tide- even though it wasn't as awesome of a win as I would have liked to see!