Friday, August 30, 2013

Super Hero Friday

I'm thinking this is going to be the year for great pep rally themes!  We're off to a great start, anyway.

I told you earlier in the week that Alise wanted some red boots for her {hand made...with LOVE} Wonder Woman costume to wear to the pep rally today.  And I was correct!  That didn't happen.

But Baby Girl was SO excited to slip into her costume this morning!
Alise's school is small and goes from Prek3 - 12th grade.  During football season, the school pairs up the older kids with a younger child and they have a Big Sis {Bro}/Little Sis {Bro} program.  After the pep rallies, the kids get a few minutes to talk to their Big Sis and they can exchange small gifts and things like that.  It is one of my favorite things about the school because the elementary kids LOVE it!  It's all Alise talks about during football season.  She's always telling me that she "saw her Big Sis today!"  Sometimes, a Big Sis may have more than one Little Sis, as is the case this year, but Alise doesn't mind sharing K with K.  Ha!

And we have the absolute BEST Big Sis this year!!  I mean, in the WORLD!!  She is just WONDERFUL!!  And of course, her being captain of the varsity cheerleading squad makes Alise feel even more important!  

K let the girls wrap up in her Superman cape.  It was silver and shiny and the girls just ate it up!

Here are some pics with Alise and her friends.

What a FUN way to start a 3 day holiday weekend!!


  1. Great costume! Your school pep rallies look like so much fun!

  2. Adorable! I wish Sofia went to a small school like that! SO MUCH FUN!