Sunday, August 25, 2013

Menu Plan Monday ~ August 26th

Hey, y'all and welcome to The Horton Family Blog!!

I can't believe I'm teaming up with Laura, the OrgJunkie for the SECOND week in a row for MENU PLAN MONDAY!!

Yay me!!

I bet you guys have been waiting with bated breath to find out how well I did last week on my "PLAN," right!!

{Nod your head.  Up and down.  That's it!}

So com'on!  Let's check it out!
Here was last week's menu.
{If you're reading for the first time and would like the links to last weeks recipes, click HERE}

Crockpot General TSO's Chicken & brown rice  {CHECK}
Crockpot Chicken Tacos & refried beans  {CHECK!  Forgot the beans}
Ham & cheese cresent rollups and chips  {Lasagna & garlic bread.  Was not Stouffer's}
Lasagna and garlic bread  {Leftovers}
Bacon burger sliders on Hawaiian sweet rolls & French fries  {CHECK}
Eating out!  Yay!!  {FROZEN PIZZA AT HOME}
Mexican casserole & corn  {CHECK}

Huh?  So, well?  What do you think?  
Was I a success?!

Now I have to admit.
I did a little pre-prep work.
But com'on!  There's nothing wrong with that, right?

Sunday afternoons are MY time in the kitchen.  And what I mean by that is I'm in the kitchen browning hamburger meat for the week or cutting up vegetables for something I'm cooking later in the week or making a dessert...STUFF LIKE THAT.

Because this MAMA works hard for her money and any short cuts I can take so that I can have a meltdown over third grade homework sit down and relax in the evenings with my family, whell....I'm gonna do it!

So all the fun started Friday night when I whipped up THIS dessert!
{We may have eaten a few pieces of it before I snapped the picture!}

I grew up calling this "Mississippi Mud."  Mr. Horton calls it "4 Layer Delight."  

Whatevah!!  It's got freakin' chocolate and cream cheese in it, Peeps!

Nom, nom, nom!  It's slap-yo-mama GOOD!!  Get recipe HERE.

I also want to state for the record that I DID make Trisha Yearwood's Lemon Squares, too, but I don't have a pic.  But my co-workers can certainly attest to the fact.  A-hem.

So Sunday afternoon, I went ahead and fried up my chicken for the General TSO since I decided to cook it stove style.  I made the lasagna and split it in half to reserve one for a later week. 
{Now wasn't that smart thinking??} 

And HERE is a what I spent on groceries for the week!

It was actually a light shopping week for us.  If you deduct one or two personal items - and a $5 water bottle for Alise to carry to school - I actually spent LESS than $100!  Go me!!

I might just get the hang of this!

If I had to choose a favorite meal this week or a meal that I was pleasantly surprised by, Crockpot General's TSO would win hands down!!

Y'all!!  There were no leftovers!  None.
You need to make this!  Like now!

I would like to make some suggestions, though.  If you are cooking for a large family, I would double the recipe.  I doubled the sauce because we always like extra sauce and that was enough, but I would have also added more chicken {I actually did add some frozen popcorn chicken}.  I did not add the ginger at all.  And I cooked the recipe on the stove for about 45-60 minutes. It was SO good and is now a HORTON FAMILY FAVORITE!!!

So here is THIS week's MENU:

Shrimp Jambalaya & garlic bread {SEE RECIPE BELOW}

Tostadas with all the trimmings
Taco Rice

Pioneer Woman's Comfort Meatballs & Cheese grits
Lady peas

BLTs and chips {But I'm really envisioning leftovers!}

Out to eat!  Yay!

Stay-At-Home Date Night!  Steak, baked potatoes, & salad

Spaghetti, green bean bundles, salad & garlic bread

Desserts for the Week:
Better Than Sex Cake
Sugar Cookies

Nothing fancy-shmancy this week.  Just some good ol' family favorites and comfort food.

I'm not sure yet how all this menu planning is going to work once Alise's extra-ciricular/social calendar starts back up.  It's hard to work, pick her up at 5:00, take her where she needs to be, do homework AND cook supper every night.

I never said I was Super Woman!!

Here's the recipe I mentioned above.  It comes from one of my low fat cookbooks.  It's a family favorite and SO easy!

Shrimp Jambalaya
2 T butter
1 box chicken flavored Rice-A-Roni
2 1/3 cups of hot water
1/4 t black pepper
1/4 t Tabasco sauce (I use more)
1 T minced onion
2 t Tony's
1/2 c diced celery
1/2 c diced green bell pepper
1 pound fresh shelled shrimp (I use small frozen but thawed shrimp}

Melt butter in nonstick skillet.  Add Rice-A-Roni (rice only) and saute' to a light brown.  Stir in hot water.  Add chicken flavor packet from Rice-A-Roni, plus black pepper, Tabasco, onion, Tony's, celery, and bell pepper.  Add shrimp.  cover and simmer for 15 minutes.  195 calories; 8 servings

OH!  And before I go....

I know one recipe that ALOT of people will probably be trying this week and that's Southern Plate's Angel Chicken!!  Christy posted this recipe on Facebook last week and all of a sudden MY cellphone starts lighting. up!!  Both Leigh and Angie were texting me asking if I had seen it.  Well, of course!  However....THEY will probably be the ones to try it before I do because Mr. Horton has a thing about casseroles and chicken in the crockpot, and chicken and pasta dishes.  He usually nixes those kinds of things.  Although....we have had a little come-to-Jesus meeting lately and I told HIM that if I was going to save all this money by menu planning, then he was going to hafta LIVE ON THE EDGE and try a few new things!

I'll let you know what Leigh and Angie have to say.

I hope everyone has a TASTY week!!


  1. You did great this week!! Angel Chicken is on the menu for Thursday. Hope you can handle the anticipation...

  2. Awesome meal planning!! I meal plan as well but have never put it on my blog...I should though! I definitely need to try that chicken dish!! Thanks for sharing :) Hope you had a great weekend!!

  3. HA - that Angel Chicken almost made it into my September plan but since I'm anti-carb right now, I put it off till October! Oh and your General Tso chicken is on the planner as well!!

  4. Looks good! I haven't heard of Angel Chicken but it looks so good! I have had to have the same talk with Josh when I start trying new recipes. If I am doing to work to plan, shop and cook the meal he is going to hear the saying, "You get what you get and you won't throw a fit."