Monday, August 05, 2013

A Pizza Oven & Family Sauce

Another food post.

I told you many moons ago that the Horton's are Mexitalian.

Mexican and Italian dishes are our favorites and staples on our weekly menu. We have eaten so many tacos in our family, that now, we just designate an entire night to them:  Taco Tuesdays.

But flipping to the Italian side...

Mr. Horton has been working on his pizza oven this weekend.  He has researched and researched this thing.  He has done SO much research that I told him he needed his own Pinterest account so he could do nothing but pin pizza ovens all day! 

But he took a break last week from the oven building to trying his hand at making his own pizza sauce.  I think he got this idea from a friend that suggested that he make the pizza oven mobile so they could go all over town doing pizza parties.  A mobile pizza oven.  Thanks, but no thanks, Clint!

Mr. Horton did alot of research on the sauce, too.  When he walked in one day after work carrying a box of Oak Grove tomatoes {the best there is, in my unbiased opinion}, I said, "What in the world are you up to?"  And that's when he said, "I'm gonna make my own pizza sauce."  

And he did!

{Would you believe I had everything he needed in the pantry and spice rack?} 

{Thank God he forgot about the "mobile" part!} 

 When all was said and done, Alise asked, "Daddy?  Are we going to put labels on the jars?"

Viola!  An idea was born!

Love Baby Girl's brand labeling!  Especially love the "H."

And here is where we are with the mobile pizza oven!
On Friday night, Wayne grilled hamburgers for a few guy friends and then asked them to help move - not one, but TWO - 480 pounds of cement slabs {which will actually be the base of the oven but in the picture above is the top}.  They had to call more friends to come help!  It ended up taking SIX guys to move the slabs!!  On Saturday, Wayne hired two Mexican men to clean 275 bricks {we are using "refurbished" bricks from the tearing down of Monroe's First Baptist Church} so that he can begin bricking the outside.  The rounded form that goes on top arrived last week.  It's all starting to come together and we are so excited to bake - and EAT - our first brick oven pizza!


  1. Alise did a great job with the labels! Can't wait to see your pizza oven!

  2. ok I'm cracking up at the "Wayne hired two Mexican men" part. lol